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Colorado Church Chooses SLS Loudspeakers

Sanctuary now served by SLS 1290T-I loudspeakers joined by 115 EL subwoofers

By PSW Staff February 18, 2011

The sanctuary of Crown of Life Church served by SLS 1290T-I loudspeakers flown left and right

Unlike many other church installations, Pueblo, CO-based Crown of Life Church is a relatively new construction and didn’t have some the deep reverberation issues that tend to occur with older buildings. 

However, media director Dave Dauenhauer and pastor Mark Hayes are still very concerned with sonic quality, so during a just-completed system renovation project at the 180-capacity sanctuary, installation firm Dan Keller Audio Systems of Colby, KS, chose to meet their demanding criteria with SLS loudspeakers.

“There is one rule that I believe in and that’s to always put your money in your loudspeaker system,” states Dan Keller.  “If your loudspeakers are bad, I don’t care how good your electronics are, it’s still going to sound bad. It’s the most important link in the chain. And the people at SLS have certainly built the better mousetrap.”

Keller selected a pair of SLS 1290T-I 2-way, single-12 loudspeakers for mains, flown to the left and right of the front platform. They’re joined by dual SLS 115 EL subwoofers. 

“The SLS loudspeakers are a perfect fit,” says Dauenhauer. “As the ‘sound guy,’ I can’t get over how well the loudspeakers blend with the natural sound of the sanctuary. Bring up the fader and the pastor just sounds like his voice is carrying farther. I suppose the highest compliment is that no one notices the sound system.”

The loudspeakers are driven by Crown Audio power amplifiers, and the system also features a new Soundcraft GB4-24 mixing console as well as a rack of dbx processors.

SLS Loudspeakers


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