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Clear-Com Launches HelixNet Networked Partyline Intercom System

By PSW Staff April 25, 2012

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Clear-Com has announced the worldwide release of the HelixNet Partyline, the industry’s first networked partyline intercom system with a set of unique capabilities for achieving greater efficiency, cost-savings and flexibility from set up to operation and maintenance.

HelixNet Partyline provides digitized Clear-Com sound and central administration of the entire system (firmware upgrades and maintenance) from the Main Station with a single cable and flexible cable options, with the ability to leverage an existing cable infrastructure.

The initial release of HelixNet Partyline consists of the HMS-4X Main Station, HBP-2X HelixNet beltpack, HLI-2W2 two-wire interface module and the HLI-4W2 four-wire interface module. The system begins shipping in June of 2012.

“For over 40 years, the Pro Audio community has been using the common, three-pin XLR microphone cable to carry audio for analog partyline systems,” says Chris Barry, product manager at Clear-Com. “In order to preserve our customers’ investments in intercom systems and cabling infrastructure, we had specifically designed HelixNet Partyline to transmit four channels of digital quality audio, plus program and power for beltpacks, over a single, shielded twisted-pair cable (ex. microphone cable, Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable). This capability alone is unprecedented in the history of intercom technology.”

The HelixNet Partyline system also offers many unique features to create a much higher audio quality, increase efficiency during the set up and maintenance processes and simplify operations.

HMS-4X HelixNet Main Station and Interface Module

• High channel density and high user capacity. The sleek 1RU HMS-4X HelixNet Main Station fits into any standard 19” rack and can provide power and four channels of audio to support up to 20 digital beltpacks.

• No hum. No buzz. Unlike standard analog systems, the all-digital HelixNet system is immune to electro-magnetic interference and ground loops.

• Highly flexible and offers intuitive user operations. System settings and menus are quickly accessible. Firmware maintenance and upgrades can be achieved easily via USB ports.

• Greater connectivity with existing analog intercom systems and audio devices. The expansion bay in the Main Station allows optional HLI-2W2 two-wire and HLI-4W2 four-wire interface modules to connect easily with existing analog intercom systems and audio devices, while preserving the high audio quality that is free of hum and noise.

HBP-2X HelixNet Beltpack

• High channel density and selectable channels to save resources. The rugged, ergonomically-designed HBP-2X HelixNet Beltpack is a two-channel beltpack that can access two of any four system channels and program audio over a single cable, along with individual level control. Networked audio is distributed over a single, shielded twisted pair, keeping the number of cables required, low.

• Easy to operate and read. Optimally positioned buttons and volume knobs are easy to locate, identify and control on the beltpack. Channel labels are simple to read on the high-contrast 10-character OLED displays. Beltpacks can be set up in daisy chain or star configurations with no need for active split boxes.

• Durable and flexible. HelixNet Beltpacks are highly durable, fabricated from lightweight cast aluminum, and come with a sturdy beltclip, rubber bumpons and an integrated strap guide to offer a variety of practical mounting options.



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