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Celestion Introduces TF1530SL Lightweight Ferrite LF Driver

By PSW Staff March 26, 2012

The TF1530SL is the first of a new type of “reduced weight” ferrite magnet, pressed steel LF driver.
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Celestion announces the introduction of TF1530SL, the first of a new type of “reduced weight” ferrite magnet, pressed steel LF driver. 

This 15” loudspeaker delivers 300Wrms power handling and 98dB sensitivity. It also boasts a significantly lower weight than many standard 15” ferrite magnet LF drivers currently available. 

The design of TF1530SL uses sophisticated FEA (finite element analysis) techniques to make the most efficient use of the magnet assembly, resulting in a pole piece and end-plate that have a significantly lower mass than a standard ferrite device.

The advantages of this are not only a lighter weight but also a reduced inductive rise, leading to greater mid-range sensitivity, which is beneficial for many 15” driver applications.

TF1530SL additionally incorporates Celestion’s Dual Magnet Motor design, featuring a secondary magnet that is used to further increase overall motor force (Bl) without the need for any additional increase in magnet assembly size.

A second reduced weight model, the 12” diameter TF1230SL, will be available in Q2 of 2012.




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