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CAD Audio Expands New Category With 1800VP Remote Control Variable Pattern Microphone

Polar pattern can be actively adjusted based on the person or persons using the microphone

By PSW Staff June 29, 2010

The new CAD Audio 1800VP continuously variable pattern 18-inch gooseneck microphone system

The CAD Audio/Astatic Commercial 1800VP is the first continuously variable pattern 18-inch dual-flex condenser gooseneck microphone system with a remote polar control design (patent pending).

The 1800 VP joins the previously introduced 1600VP and 1700VP, with all models featuring a variable polar pattern with remote control that allows for the precise shape adjustment of the pick-up pattern for best performance and gain before feedback from a remote location using standard microphone cable.

The 1800VP is designed for use on a podium where the polar pattern can be actively adjusted based on the person or persons using the microphone.

Engineered and built in the USA, the 1800VP is also designed to resist interference from cell phones, two-way communication devices and lighting apparatus.

It uses Astatic’s RF Resistant Architecture, meeting the stringent RF standards set by the European Union.

CAD Audio/Astatic Commercial Website


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