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Ashly Audio Enters The Commercial Sound Electronics Industry

By PSW Staff March 14, 2012

The new Ashly Audio TM-360 mixer/amplifier (larger image below)
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With the introduction of the new TM-360 mixer/amplifier, Ashly Audio has entered the commercial sound electronics industry.

This is Ashly’s first product in this genre and heralds the company’s commitment to providing quality products to this growing segment of the audio marketplace.

The TM-360, is a 3-input, 60-watt mixer/amplifier that offers input and output flexibility coupled with energy efficiency. It has the capability to automatically switch into a stand-by mode if no audio input is received for 25 minutes, thus reducing the current draw.

The TM-360, along with other new products in this series, will be covered by Ashly’s five-year warranty.

“Our review of the commercial sound electronics market showed a lack of innovation and quality products,” explains John Sexton, Ashly Audio vice president of sales & marketing. “Many of the companies in this sector offer only a one-year or three-year warranty. The energy-efficient TM-360 delivers Ashly-level quality backed by our five-year warranty at a competitive price point.”

The TM-360 uses a Class D amplifier topology for added energy efficiency. Input options include selectable mic or line level, telephone, and dual RCA sum-to-mono. The transformer-isolated output offers a choice of Low-Z (4-ohm), 25-volt or 70-volt.

The 230-watt international version features Low-Z, 70-volt or 100-volt output options. There are two separate zone outputs – a one-watt output for driving a remote loudspeaker and a pre-amp output that can be used to drive a separate amplifier. Rear panel dip switches allow you to select the mix going to each zone. A front panel 1/8-inch mini-jack makes it easy to plug-in a back-up music source.

The TM-360 is in stock and available for immediate shipment. The rack-mount kit (model RMK-360) is available as an accessory.


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