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Yamaha Commercial Audio Donates Top-Quality System To Magnet High School In Nashville

Auditorium at school focusing entertainment industry pathways outfitted with leading components such as a CL1 digital console with Rio stagebox

By PSW Staff September 2, 2014

Yamaha Commercial Audio loudspeakers flying and on the stage as part of the new system at the auditorium of Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School in Nashville.

Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Magnet High School in Nashville, which offers students the opportunity to learn through the lens of the entertainment industry with pathways in audio engineering, broadcasting, record industry, and more, has a new sound reinforcement system for its 400-plus-seat auditorium headed by primary components donated by Yamaha Commercial Audio.

Bryan Lenox of Lenox Productions facilitated the arrangement with Yamaha, which in turn enlisted the services of J Sound Services (Nashville) to add a new Yamaha CL1 digital console and a Rio 3208-D in/out box, as well as Yamaha IS and DXR loudspeakers, and TXn amplifiers.

J Sound Services specified the system for easy operation by student volunteers for events in the auditorium that include assemblies with announcements, presentations with video, and full theatrical productions. “Once we understood the scope of the project, we also determined that a Yamaha MTX5D processor and DCPS wall-mount controller would also be required,” notes Jason Spence, owner of J Sound Services.

The design approach was based on the fact that there is limited acoustic treatment in the auditorium. “It was important to minimize the amount of energy on the walls,” says Spence. Yamaha YS3 Sound System Simulator and EASE acoustic modeling software were utilized to help in optimizing the system.

Further, the subwoofers are deployed in an end-fire configuration to produce a cardioid pattern measuring 12 dB on stage behind the arrays. “By deploying the subs this way, we significantly reduced the low-end energy on the stage as well as what would have reflected off the walls with a typical omni pattern,” Spence adds.

The new system is interconnected via Dante networking, with the CL1 taking control of presets for theatrical productions using Nuendo Live software. Pearl-Cohn ran Cat-5 cable to the multi-track room to record the events taking place in auditorium. A.Cisco switch is used to network and import multi-tracking in studio. And, an old projection booth above the auditorium now has the capability of adding a Nuendo recording suite with infrastructure and cables already in place.

Lenox assisted in the set up and adjustments of the CL1 console. “The system sounds really good,” he says. “The school had a unique need for a system that can handle intimate speaking all the way to low-end thumping hip-hop music, and this system definitely delivers. The CL1 is a great-sounding console, and one that the students can learn on in order to prepare for the real world so they can jump into any situation with confidence.”

“Our students needed professional-class live production facilities in order to complete our vision to equip our students with real-world skills that will transfer to the marketplace or college when they graduate,” adds Sam Lorber, instructional designer at Pearl-Cohn. “Thanks to Yamaha’s generous donation, these students will now be able to walk into any venue: club, church, college auditorium, or arena with a skill set advantage no other school can provide. The principal commented on how she loves that she can touch one button and it just works.”

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