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Yamaha CL Series Version 2.0 Now Available

Provides enhancements for sound reinforcement applications as well as mix-minus capabilities for broadcast

By PSW Staff July 16, 2014

A Yamaha CL5 console, which can now be upgraded with version 2.0

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems has announced the availability of version 2.0 for Yamaha CL Series digital consoles, providing enhancements for sound reinforcement applications as well as mix-minus capabilities for the broadcast market.

One significant enhancement in v2.0 is discovery and head amp control for the new, compact QL Series that also inherits CL Series features and performance. A QL console can function as both monitor mixer and I/O rack, for example, while a front-of-house CL console can remotely control the head amp gain of the QL console’s I/O.

Other new features in CL V2.0 include:

—DCA Roll-Out: Channels assigned to DCA groups can be instantly called up to the console faders for enhanced operational flexibility

—Output DCA: Enables the stereo/mono bus masters, mix bus masters, and matrix bus masters to be assigned to DCA groups

—Mix Minus: Particularly key for broadcast applications; with one simple operation, the signal from a particular channel can be removed from a specified bus

—Read Only Scene Memory: It’s now possible to create read-only scene memories

—Daisy Chain Insert: Allows two devices to be inserted into one channel or bus for enhanced processing freedom

—GR Meter (dynamics meter) Option: Within the channel name display, it will show the dynamics 1 and dynamics 2 gain reduction meters in the channel name display

Future CL updates include built-in Dugan automatic mixing similar to the new QL Series, and additional support for broadcast applications.

The CL V2.0 update is available via download from the Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems web site free of charge.

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems


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