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UBS Takes First New Soundcraft Si Performer Console In The Baltics

Latvian company takes possession of first digital audio mixer with integrated DMX for lighting control

By PSW Staff November 16, 2012

USB senior sound engineer Maris Liepa with the company's new Soundcraft Si Performer console

UBS (Universal Baltic Sound) of Latvia has purchased the first new Harman Professional Soundcraft Si Performer console in the Baltic region.

The rental company had originally been invited by Soundcraft’s Latvian distributor Audio AE to test the Si Compact 24 console on the recent tour of top local rock act Brainstorm, as the front of house mixing console for support band The Sound Poets.

After using it on various shows, they were impressed with the feature set. Although USB senior sound engineer Maris Liepa had never previously worked on the desk, he was surprised at how easy it was to navigate.

“I instinctively knew how to use it without referring to the manual,” he says. “The tour was a great test for a new product and we were able to run both FOH and monitors from a single Si24.”

They were all set to purchase the desk and add it to their extensive inventory of Soundcraft analog boards, until the Si Performer hybrid desk, which is based on the same platform, was announced.

“When we learned of the Performer 3, we were particularly impressed with the bigger channel count, the two option slots, which allow I/O expansion…and the more attractive appearance,” says Maris. “And so we didn’t hesitate to place the order for this instead.”

The Si Performer is the first digital audio mixer with integrated DMX for lighting control. With a total possible capacity of 80 inputs, it takes the Si Compact platform as its base but provides almost twice as much DSP power and increased functionality.

The Si Performer 3 offers 32 mic and eight line inputs, offering 14 aux/group mix buses, as well as four FX return channels; and with the aforementioned input cards it is possible to patch up to 80 inputs.

In addition, the integration of a DMX512 port offers core lighting control, with the initial release of software providing four scene masters (A-D) with associated slave channels on the ALT fader layers.

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