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System Upgrade At New Jersey Courthouse Headed By Yamaha CIS Components

Serves up to 16 mics at one time for live feed and multi-track recording

By PSW Staff June 6, 2014

The courtroom/meeting room in Evesham, NJ with a new system from ACIR Pro that incorporates Yamaha CIS components. (Photo credit: Digital Warmth)

The municipal courtroom for the township of Evesham, NJ, which also serves as a council and township meeting room and a township meeting room, was recently outfitted with a new system by ACIR Professional (Mars Landing, NJ) that incorporates Yamaha CIS (Commercial Installation Solutions) components.

Between the court and various meetings, there can be up to 16 microphones on at any given time, and they need to be fed to the live loudspeakers and for multi-track recording purposes.

“In addition to obtaining a better quality sound, the customer still wanted to be able to send audio via multi-track to record,” notes Bobby Harper, ACIR vice president of sales. “Having just demoed the new Yamaha CIS Series products, the design became obvious.”

ACIR Pro chose a Yamaha MTX5-D processor with the EiX8-8 channel extender in order to accommodate the 16 required inputs. The processor also handles the routing of multi-track and a 4-zone (mix minus) to the Yamaha XMV4280-D Dante-enabled 4-channel amplifier.

In addition, Yamaha VXC8W loudspeakers were chosen for their clarity and ease of installation. They’re zoned for maximum gain before feedback, with assistance from a Dugan MY-16 auto mixer card installed in the MTX5-D and the parametric EQ capabilities on each zone output,     

The system’s presets are stored in the Yamaha MTX5-D library, with recall available from an in-wall-mounted Yamaha DCP1V4S-US controller that the clerk has at his/her fingertips.

ACIR Professional
Yamaha Commercial Audio 


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