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Special Event Services Supports The Avett Brothers With Martin Audio MLA

U.S. leg of arena tour typically utilizes 11 MLA and one MLD down fill per side

By PSW Staff September 4, 2013

The Avett Brothers performing on the current tour, reinforced by Martin Audio MLA provided by Special Event Services (SES)

SES (Special Event Services) of Winston Salem and Nashville recently supported the first leg of the world tour by the Avett Brothers on with 36 a Martin Audio Multi-cellular Loudspeaker Array (MLA) system.

Michael Brammer, SES director of touring operations notes, “We did a trial show at the beginning of the tour, and due to the success of the MLA and the overwhelming positive fan response, the band decided to take us on the road. The band went from a bus and trailer to three trucks virtually overnight, in part because they fell in love with the Martin Audio MLA system.”

The Avett Brothers are led by Scott and Seth Avett on vocals and a variety of stringed and percussion instruments, along with Bob Crawford (double bass), Joe Kwon (cello) and Mike Marsh (drums). With several chart albums, they combine an eclectic mix of bluegrass, country, punk, pop, folk, rock and roll, honky-tonk and ragtime into solid original songs.

With stops in Canada and Europe before wrapping up in the U.S. this Fall, the Avetts headlined “The Carpenter” tour with acts such as The Old Crow Medicine Show and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals opening for them in a mix of amphitheatres, arenas and theaters, including two sold-out nights at Red Rocks.

In order to cover the crowds that averaging 10,000-12,000, with a bump to 18,000 at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, SES deployed 11 MLA enclosures and one MLD down fill cabinet per side along with six MLX ground-stacked subs per side. When the band returns later for the final U.S. leg, they will play larger arenas, so SES plans to add MLA Compact loudspeakers for out fill to increase the coverage area.

“Front of house engineer Justin Glanville really likes the dynamic range and stereo imaging of the MLA system, as The Avett Brothers are a very complex band,” Brammer says. “They play a variety of instruments and exchange them from song to song, so there’s a constant circle around the stage. The show ranges from very energetic moments down to just two guys singing into one microphone acoustically. It’s a very dynamic show and MLA really responds well to it.

“The coverage has been uniformly excellent in all kinds of venues, and MLA doesn’t take long to set up,” he continues. “In fact, Andrew Steelman, our systems tech, was able to fly it in the morning and have Justin behind the console by lunchtime. The MLA system really has given us everything we’ve needed and more from a loudspeaker rig.”

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