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Shure Launches New Headset And Lavalier Microphones

Hands-free options for improved audio in live sound, presentation, and fitness environments

By PSW Staff March 3, 2014

New Shure SM35 and SM31FH Headset microphones as well as the new PGA31 Headset condenser and Centraverse Lavalier Condensers

Shure Incorporated has extended its line of SM microphones with the introduction of two new headset microphones—the SM35 Performance Headset condenser microphone for live sound applications and the SM31FH Fitness Headset condenser microphone for fitness instructors.

Shure has also unveiled the PGA31 Headset condenser microphone and the Centraverse Lavalier (CVL) Condenser microphone, both designed for presentation applications.

“We’re pleased to offer new options that add versatility to the Shure product line,” said Chad Wiggins, category director for Wired Microphones at Shure. “The SM35 is perfect for musicians who sing and play, and the SM31FH is our answer to users looking for a lightweight and moisture-resistant headset that can survive the daily abuse of a fitness studio.”

“With PGA31 and CVL, we’ve been able to update and improve the sound and comfort of some of our current products while keeping them very affordable. When paired with our new BLX wireless system and GLX-D Digital wireless system, PGA31 and CVL are excellent choices for anyone looking for Shure reliability and audio quality in a straightforward, affordable package.” 

The SM35 Performance Headset microphone offers multi-instrumentalists the freedom to express themselves during stage acts without having to sacrifice sound quality. It’s constructed to provide a secure yet comfortable fit. Tthe SM35 is offered for use with the BLX wireless system, GLX-D Digital wireless system, and ULX-D Digital wireless system. 

Designed to meet the needs of fitness instructors, the SM31FH is a wearable, cardioid condenser microphone that features hydrophobic fabric, a material that repels moisture to protect and shield the microphone cartridge from corrosion caused by sweat.

With a lightweight construction, secure fit, and low-profile form factor, the SM31FH is built to provide crystal-clear audio, even through extended hours of continuous use in fitness studios and gymnasiums.

Available in neon orange, the SM31FH is offered for use with two of Shure’s newest and user-friendly wireless microphone systems: the BLX wireless system and GLX-D Digital wireless system.

The new PGA31 headset is a versatile microphone that delivers pristine audio in a variety of settings, from general stage performances to more intimate speech applications. PGA31 is offered with the BLX wireless system, PGXD Digital wireless system, and GLX-D Digital wireless system.

Engineered with the understanding that optimized audio is just as vital in speech and presentation applications as it is onstage, the new CVL Lavalier microphone gives presenters an easy-to-use solution for improved sound at an affordable price. CVL is offered with the BLX wireless microphone system.

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The new SM35, SM31FH, PGA31, and CVL are now shipping.



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