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Sensaphonics Trains Five New Gold Circle Audiologists

Two-day seminar on in-ear monitoring teaches the specifics of working with musicians and sound engineers

By PSW Staff June 9, 2014

Participants in the recent Sensaphonics Gold Circle seminar, from left: Dale Radke (Hearing Consultants, Kittery, ME); Sensaphonics sound engineering consultant Joe Tessone; Eric Nelson (Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, NY); Analise Ludwig (Minneapolis, MN); Theresa Bartlett (Virginia Hearing Consultants, Norfolk, VA); Helene Levenfus (Cedar Audiology, Lyndhurst, OH); and Sensaphonics president Dr. Michael Santucci.

Sensaphonics announces that five more hearing health professionals recently passed the company’s Gold Circle training seminar, a two-day course offering in-depth teaching sessions plus a hands-on studio session with a live band. The training took place at Sensaphonics headquarters and Mystery Street Recording Company, both in Chicago.

Those gaining their Gold Circle certification include Theresa Bartlett of Virginia Hearing Consultants in Norfolk, VA, Helene Levenfus of Cedar Audiology in Lyndhurst, OH, independent audiologist Analise Ludwig of Minneapolis, MN, Eric Nelson of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, and Dale Radke of Hearing Consultants in Kittery, Maine.

The Gold Circle seminar teaches audiologists the specific skills required to successfully assist musicians and sound engineers, an outlook that includes but goes far beyond the taking of ear impressions.

“Most musicians just want their ear impressions so they can buy their in-ears, but that should really be the beginning, not the end, of the audiologist’s role,” explains Sensaphonics founder and president, Dr. Michael Santucci. “Audiologists are routinely expected to provide dangerously loud IEMs to musicians, yet in-ear monitoring is not typically covered in the college curriculum. That’s why we developed the Gold Circle seminar: to create a growing network of audiologists trained to meet the specific performance and hearing health needs of musicians.”

Instructors for the Gold Circle seminar include Santucci and Sensaphonics audio engineering consultant Joe “Sound Guy” Tessone. Topics include in-ear monitoring and hearing protection technology, concert sound system design, backstage etiquette, and marketing to musicians and music fans, all in the context promoting safe listening practices and evidence-based audiology. Attendees are also certified in taking proper full-shell ear impressions.

The highlight of the seminar is a hands-on lab session working with a live band using in-ear monitors for the first time. The featured performers were members of a Chicago group, Last Second Drop. “These live music sessions are great for both the musicians and the audiologists,” says Tessone. “They get to interact prior to and during the performance, ask questions, take level measurements, and experience how an in-ear monitor system works first-hand.”

The next Gold Circle seminars will be held in July 11-12, 2014 in Chicago. Due to limited class size, interested audiologists should contact Sensaphonics, with contact information supplied in the link below. Also visit the company website to find a Sensaphonics Gold Circle audiologist.



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