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Saelig Introduces 100 MHz Touchscreen Digital Oscilloscope With Deep Memory

FFT functionality is also included for instant display of the frequency spectrum of the signal under test

By PSW Staff July 30, 2014

The new Owon TDS7102 100 MHz four-channel benchtop scope with touch-screen capabilities, available from Saelig Company.

Saelig Company announces the Owon TDS7102, a new 100 MHz four-channel benchtop scope with touch-screen capabilities that make instrument setting, operation, and adjustment faster and more intuitive.

With 1GSa/s signal capturing on all four channels simultaneously, a 7.6MSa record length, and 50,000 wfmSa/s capture rate, zooming in and finding fast, intermittent pulses is now much quicker and simpler. Controlling waveform position, display, and triggering is much faster with touch control, but buttons are also provided to offer conventional operation.

The TDS7102 also offers deep memory, external, video-capable trigger, auto-measurements, auto-scaling, 8-inch full-color 800 x 600 pixel LCD display, XY mode, auto-set, averaging, math functions, USB output, waveform storage, pass/fail output and a 3-year warranty. FFT functionality is also included for instant display of the frequency spectrum of the signal under test. Another feature is the ability to switch the input impedance from 1 Mohm to 50 ohm—a built-in termination to eliminate signal reflections.

The Autoscale function can automatically adjust the vertical gain, or the horizontal time base, or both together. This is useful for circuit probing—as the probe is moved from point to point on a circuit board, the display auto-adjusts for best trace presentation. It functions in the same manner as “AutoSet,” but instead of being a one-time function, it’s active until turned off, keeping “hands-free.”

The TDS7102 can automatically measure and display frequency and peak-peak/rms/mean values, but cursors can also be moved to make individual readings. A built-in self-calibration facility improves measurement accuracy. Video signal monitoring is also facilitated with triggering on NTSC/PAL/SECAM line or field waveforms.

TDS7102 features include: manual cursor measurements, up to 19 automatic measurements (including frequency), high-speed screen update, storage for up to four reference waveforms and set-up parameters, convenient USB serial interface with PC software, 400V (DC+AC peak) maximum input, and multi-language capabilities.

With interfaces such as USB host and device, VGA for external display or projector, and Ethernet LAN for remote operation, the TDS7102 will find application in a wide range of environments such as electronic circuit debug and circuit testing, design and manufacture, education and training, and automobile maintenance and testing.

The TDS7102 offers on-board storage, and USB output, making it an unbeatable value for use in design, maintenance and lab applications. The TDS7102 comes in a sleek, attractive case and is possibly the lowest cost touch-capable digital oscilloscope available on the market.

Designed and manufactured by Owon, a test equipment manufacturer specializing in very affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use precision benchtop and handheld instruments, the TDS7102 is in stock now at $899 from Saelig Company.

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