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Rational Acoustics Unveils Smaart v.7 Di Dual-Channel Interface Version Of Smaart v.7

Simplified version of program is significantly easier to configure and operate

By PSW Staff June 17, 2013

Screenshot of new Smaart v.7 Di for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X; a larger version of this image is below

Rational Acoustics announces the release of Smaart v.7 Di (dual-channel interface), a streamlined, two-channel version of the standard Smaart v.7 analysis software.

The primary focus of the Smaart v.7 Di platform is to offer a simplified version of the Smaart v.7 program; one that is significantly easier to configure and operate, without sacrificing the measurement power of the Smaart v.7 Spectrum and Transfer Function measurement engines.

Smaart v.7 Di’s fixed, two channel architecture provides a nimble, quickly adaptable measurement environment, with all critical configuration and control parameters accessible on the top level of a single intuitive UI (user interface); perfect for quick and precise measurements without the demands of the standard version’s multi-measurement, multi-mode complexity.

Smaart v.7 Di’s Spectrum and Transfer Function engines have the same power and capabilities as those in the standard version. However, in the spirit of simplicity, v.7 Di does not include a separate Impulse Response (IR) Mode, nor any of the Acoustic Tools intelligibility criterion. Instead, all time domain measurement capabilities in v.7 Di reside in the Live IR display of the Transfer Function measurement.

Smaart v.7 Di operates natively in both Windows and Mac operating systems (including 32- and 64-bit versions).  In order to maintain easy portability and interoperability between versions, both versions of Smaart use the same RTA and Transfer Function data formats. 

Smaart v.7 and Smaart v.7 Di share the same control and command structure (view control, zooms, hot-keys, data capture commands, etc.), so moving back and forth between versions does not require learning a whole new control and command paradigm.

In addition, Smaart I-O’s gain and phantom power controls are integrated directly into the Smaart v.7 Di interface; making a “Smaart v.7 Di + Smaart I-O” combo an excellent package for users who want the most elegant, and streamlined, set-up possible.

“Smaart v.7 Di may be a simplified version of Smaart v.7 but make no mistake, there is nothing ‘lite’ about it,” says Karen Anderson, Rational Acoustics COO and Den Mother. “v.7 Di provides the same measurement power, accuracy and stability as the full version of Smaart. 

“The measurement engines are exactly the same. We’ve just created a simpler, dual-channel interface for the program which makes it easier to configure and run. It’s an excellent option for entry level users, but it would be equally useful for experienced Smaart users looking for a quickly deployable dual-channel version of Smaart when a more complex multi-channel rig is not required.”

Smaart v.7 Di is available for purchase starting June 17, 2013 via the Rational Acoustics website or from any authorized Rational Acoustics dealer or distributor. 

U.S. retail price is $595 per license, and as with v.7, each new license comes with two available installs. Upgrades are available from Smaart v.4, v.5 and v.6. 

Existing Smaart v.7 owners can purchase special single-install licenses of Smaart v.7 Di at a special discount using the new “install add-on” purchase feature within their online license management accounts. 


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