RapcoHorizon Joins The Soundtrack Of Summer Tour With Foreigner, Styx And Don Felder

Engineers for all three acts utilizing custom RoadHog and SilverHog cables and connectors

By PSW Staff August 15, 2014

Mick Jones of Foreigner performing on the Soundtrack of Summer Tour that has all three acts utilizing RapcoHorizon RoadHog and SilverHog cables

Custom runs of RapcoHorizon RoadHog and SilverHog touring cables are serving a variety of needs for the current Soundtrack of Summer Tour featuring Foreigner, Styx and special guest Don Felder. 

As the group began to prepare for the tour, Lorenzo Banda, monitor engineer for Foreigner and a long-time RapcoHorizon user, recommended the cables to the Styx and Felder audio teams.

Though Foreigner and Styx are co-headliners and Felder is the opening act, each band required its own unique cabling requirements. For Foreigner and Felder, they exclusively are relying on RapcoHorizon—from instruments to speakers—all arranged in custom runs, while the engineers for Styx created their own runs using several of the company’s cables and connectors.

“We started using RapcoHorizon a while back, when the SilverHog cables first came out, and have used them for every performance since,” says Banda. “When the time came for us to plan the Soundtrack of Summer Tour, I knew the cables would be a perfect fit for Styx and Don Felder. When we met up for a gig at Fox News’ Fox & Friends in New York to promote the tour, I introduced the guys to some of their products.”

The stage design for this tour is complex since each group has its own setup, including lasers and special effects for Foreigner, large video walls for Styx and Felder opening each show by descending onto the arena. “Don is completely on board with the cables,” says Banda. “His engineers love it. Their whole stage setup is now using RapcoHorizon, and I think his studio is even starting to fill out with the cables as well. As for Styx, they’re also really stoked about the quality and sound of the cables.”

The custom instrument and speaker cables are road-ready, employing rugged constructions without sacrificing sound quality. “I noticed the high-end definition and fidelity on these cables, as it’s much more pristine than others I have heard,” Banda notes. “I use a lot of RapcoHorizon’s twisted pair cables, which have great resistance and a high-quality sound. I don’t know all the technical nuances that go into making the cables, but I can definitely hear the difference.”



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