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QSC Unveils TouchMix Series Compact Digital Mixers (Updated, Includes New Video)

Offering the power and capability of a large-format console in a highly portable, fully integrated, affordable and easy to use product

By PSW Staff January 28, 2014

New TouchMix-16 (20 input channels) and TouchMix-8 (12 input channels) digital mixers from QSC Audio. A larger version of this image is below.

QSC Audio Products announces the introduction of its much-anticipated digital mixer line, the TouchMix Series, offering live performance venues, production professionals and musicians the power and capability of a large-format console in a highly portable, fully integrated, affordable and easy to use product.

The TouchMix-8 (12 input channels) and TouchMix-16 (20 input channels) provide the user a choice of Advanced Mode operation that offers total control over all parameters or Simple Mode that provides only the most essential controls.

TouchMix Series “no asterisk” specifications include 4-band, fully parametric EQ with both variable high- and low-pass filters, as well as comprehensive dynamics processing on each input channel.

Four mix buses feed four internal, professional, digital effects processors. Comprehensive dynamics, graphic EQ, high-pass, low-pass and notch filters and delay are available on both the main and aux outputs, and there are eight DCA groups with mutes as well as eight mute groups.

With four (TouchMix-8) or 10 (TouchMix-16) auxiliary output channels, TouchMix also has ample stage monitor mixing capability. Both models have the ability to drive multiple, wired stereo in-ear monitors directly.

TouchMix also offers a comprehensive library of Channel Presets, created specifically for the unique requirements of live sound reinforcement. Designed by veteran live sound engineers utilizing all types of instruments, popular microphones and pickups as well as multiple types of speakers systems, these presets help the user achieve great results quickly.

The mixers’ onboard Effects Wizard guides the user through the selection and assignment of appropriate effects while the Gain Wizard continuously monitors and displays input clipping.

TouchMix also comes with a comprehensive library of complete Mixer Scenes, and all user parameters of any mix can be saved, both internally and via USB drive.

TouchMix Series models are completely self-contained and require no external PC or video display. The graphic, color touch-screen provides access to all mix parameters along with a physical rotary encoder and hardware buttons.

The available Remote Control App for iOS devices controls all mixer parameters and the included USB Wi-Fi adapter creates the network connection between the mixer and the hand-held device. No external network hardware is required.

The mixer is also capable of direct recording to an external USB hard drive in 32-bit broadcast wave format. Tracks can be played back on the mixer or imported into most DAW software for over-dubs and post-production.

TouchMix-16 measures 3.5 x 14.2 x 11.7 inches (h x w x d) and weighs 5.9 pounds, while TouchMix-8 measures 3.1 x 13.1 x 9.8 inches and weighs just 4.3 pounds.

TouchMix Feature Set:

• TM-16 with 20 full-function inputs (16 mic/line, 2 stereo line).
• TM-8 with 12 full-function inputs (8 mic/line, 2 stereo line).
• 4-band full parametric EQ, variable high-pass and low-pass filters on all input channels.
• Gate and compressor on all input channels.
• 4 professional quality stereo DSP effects plus a pitch corrector.
• 1/3-octave graphic equalization, limiters, delay and notch filters on main and aux outputs.
• 8 DCA and 8 mute groups.
• Color, capacitive touch screen graphical user interface combined with hardware controls for fast and intuitive operation.
• Wizards, info and preset libraries assist the user with channel setup, proper gain adjustment, effects selection and more.
• Monitor mixes: TM-16, 6 mono plus 2 stereo, TM-8, 4 mono.
• Drives wired In Ear Monitors (IEM) directly.
• Direct to hard-drive recording and playback of multi-track wave files. Capable of recording all input channels plus a user-selected stereo output pair.
• Remote control via mobile devices. Wi-Fi interface included.

Both TouchMix models also come complete with their own padded carrying case, for transport and protection.

New QSC TouchMix Series mixers will be available in mid 2014.





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