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QSC Celebrates Milestone With 750,000 K Family Loudspeakers Sold

Family includes K Series and KW Series powered loudspeakers as well the as KLA Series active line array.

By PSW Staff January 26, 2016

QSC's K Family Loudspeakers

QSC announces that as of January 15th, 2016, the company has sold 750,000 units of K Family Loudspeakers since the initial launch of the K Series in 2009.

The popular K Family of Loudspeakers, which include the K Series and KW Series powered loudspeakers as well the as KLA Series active line array loudspeakers are used the world over in a wide variety of applications such as musicians/bands, DJs/dance, performance venues, A/V rental, production and houses of worship.

“When we introduced the K Series, QSC truly set a new standard for powered portable loudspeakers,” says Gerry Tschetter, QSC vice president, Professional Product Management. “The combination of sound quality, portability, reliability and industrial design really struck a chord with many different types of customers, and the K Family continues to grow in sales year after year.”

QSC launched the K Series in 2007, offering 1,000 watt Class D power modules. Full-range models are fitted with the identical 1.75-inch high-frequency (HF) devices and extensive digital signal processing (DSP).

Further building upon the success of the K Series, QSC then debuted the KW Series as the next evolutionary step in wood enclosure loudspeakers The KW Series features all the electronic attributes of the K Series in highly portable wooden enclosures.

Next, QSC introduced the KLA Series, a fixed, arcuate active line array system which offers all the power and sophistication of a line array system in an easy-to-use product. With the its simple “Lift, Click and Play,” approach, the KLA can be deployed in a fraction of the time needed to deploy comparable products. The KLA has found success in a wide range of portable and installed applications, including live entertainment venues, houses of worship and many others.

The success of the K Family led QSC to create K for Musicians, the website for guitarists, keyboardists, drummers and other musicians who have found that the K Family of loudspeakers are the perfect solution for accurate, high fidelity sound reproduction in a live application, making them perfect for use as a musical instrument amplifier. 

The website is available in a variety of languages, offering multiple examples of how K Family loudspeakers can be used as instrument amplifiers for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, electronic drums and acoustic drums – and features compelling K for Musicians artist profiles, photos and interviews. The constantly-growing list of featured artists in the various categories on the K for Musicians website include Dweezil Zappa, Paul Pesco, Doc Powell, Tony Levin, Darryl Jones, Ed Lanouette, Jonathan Cain, Salo Loyo, David Matthews, Omar Hakim, Dave Weckyl, and many others.

The K12 continues to break QSC sales records year after year. And the popularity of the K Family continues to grow; with this past quarter of the year marking the largest number of K Family loudspeakers sold.



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