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ProSoundWeb Top 20: The Most-Read Articles Of 2012; New Today: #5 – #1

By PSW Staff December 31, 2012

Be sure to cast your votes in the 2013 PSW Readers Choice Awards.

As we turn the page on 2012, here are the 20 articles that were the most-read over this past year on ProSoundWeb, based upon total page views.

Note that some of the articles that delivered top results over the past 12 months were actually written and posted well over a year ago, but they continue to prove of high interest and value to our worldwide readership.

In addition, some very popular articles posted more recently have not had as much time to accumulate traffic as others that have been posted for a longer period of time. We suspect you’ll see some of those fine articles on next year’s list.

Without further adieu, here are the first five of the top 20 articles on PSW for 2012, with five more to be added each day until we reach the number one article on New Year’s Eve Day (December 31, 2012).

Most-Read Articles #20 – #16 (Posted Wednesday, December 26)

#20Care & Feeding: Keeping Gear In Top-Flight Shape
By Craig Leerman

#19In The Studio: Top 10 Countdown Of Mixing Myths
By Joe Gilder

#18Church Sound: Track Down The Buzz In Your System
By Chris Huff

#17Defining Amplifier Damping And What It Really Means Within A System
By Jerrold Stevens

#16DI Boxes For Guitars: Different Approaches For Acoustic And Electric
By Peter Janis

Most-Read Articles #15 – #11 (Posted Thursday, December 27)

#15In The Studio: Defining Characteristics Of Great Vs Amateur Mixes
By Bobby Owsinski

#14Loudspeaker Arrays: Data & Solutions In Solving Horizontal Coverage Problems
By Pat Brown

#13Being “One” With Your Source When Mixing
By Karl Winkler

#12Making It Flat: Analyzing Loudspeakers & DSP
By Ken DeLoria

#11Recording: The Importance Of Space In A Mix
By Matthew Weiss

Most-Read Articles #10 – #6 (Posted Friday, December 28)

#1012 Ways To Use Your iDevice In The Studio
By Jon Tidey

#9Portable Power: The Secret Life Of Generators
By Craig Leerman

#8Church Sound: Methods For Doing System Line Checks
By Mike Sessler

#7Method To The Madness: The Anatomy Of An Audio Rack
By Dave Rat

#6Fun With Feedback: Audio Mythology Alert!
By Peter Mapp

Most-Read Articles #5 – #1 (Posted Monday, January 31)

#5Solving A Conundrum: Deployment Of A New Subwoofer Configuration
By Todd Hartmann

#4 Hunting Gremlins: A Veteran Provides The View From The Stage Side
By Gary Gand

#3Purple Sounds Best: A Matter Of Mass Psychology
By Karl Winkler

#2 Tuning Without Tools: Working Through A System To Get It Up To Speed
By Tim Weaver

#1Laying The Foundation: Making The Live Mix Work No Matter What
By Dave Rat


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