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New RCF L-Pad Compact Mixer Series Now Shipping

Seven models in series kick off company's new mixer division

By PSW Staff June 30, 2014

The L-PAD 12CX, the largest model in the new RCF L-PAD Series of mixers. A view of all models is below.

The new RCF L-PAD Series of compact mixers, intially introduced at the NAMM 2014 show in January, are now shipping. The series represents the first result of a strategic decision by RCF to create a mixer division, supported by an investment in R&D with a dedicated team of engineers.

Further, RCF recently acquired Rome, Italy-based ZP Engineering, a design company that brings additional expertise and experience with digital audio networks, DSP, voice processing, and design. Future plans for the division call for the development of several new digital products.

With the L-PAD Series, considerable attention was devoted to the design of warm-sounding, transparent mic preamps. The compressors on the microphone channels are intuitive, with a single knob that controls the threshold and compression ratio at the same time. The compressors also offer a very soft but effective action.

Mono channels include 3-band EQ on mono channels, with 2-band EQ on stereo channels. Smaller models have 45 mm faders, while larger models have 60 mm faders.

Accessories include an add-on board for recording and playback of mp3 audio files. Files can be collected on a USB stick (up to 32 GB) and managed by a dedicated transport panel. A further optional Bluetooth card allows connection of devices such as smartphones or tablets to enable music to be played directly via the L-PAD mixer.

Models include:

L-PAD 12CX and 12C
Offers six mic inputs, four stereo line inputs and 2-track I/O. Four single-control compressors are included on mic channels. The CX model provides 99-preset, internal FX DSP effects capability. When not in use for effects, the FX send and aux sends can be used for monitors.

Offers four mic inputs, four stereo line inputs and 2-track I/O. Two single-control compressors help in handling more dynamic, complex signals. The 10C can be installed on a mic stand or in a rack with optional accessories.

L-PAD 8CX and 8C
Offers four mic inputs, three stereo line inputs, 2-track I/O, and two single-control compressors on mic channels. The CX model provides 99-preset, internal FX DSP effects capability.

L-PAD 6X and 6
Offers two mic inputs, two stereo line inputs and 2-track I/O.The CX model provides 16-preset, internal FX DSP effects capability.




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