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New Pack Shield Provides Protection For Beltpack Devices (Includes Video)

Protects beltpack devices such as wireless transmitters and in-ear monitor receivers, while still keeping them easy to access and use

By PSW Staff August 6, 2014

Pack Shield provides beltpack device protection

The new Pack Shield provides protection for beltpack devices, such as wireless beltpack transmitters and in-ear monitor beltpack receivers, while still keeping them easy to access and use without added hassle.

Pack Shield, made of Kydex, a thermoplastic material, is custom formed to fit individual beltpacks, protecting not only the beltpack itself but also the antenna and connector (s).

Currently the product line includes Pack Shield models that are molded to fit Sennheiser evolution ew100, ew300, and IEM ew300 beltpacks; Shure BLX, SLX, and ULX beltpacks; and Audio-Technica 3000 and 2000 Series beltpacks.

Pack Shield designs for additional beltpacks are also planned to be released in the immediate future, according to the company.

Price per unit is $79.99 (U.S.). Find out more and purchase Pack Shields here.


Pack Shield


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