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Musician Trials Set To Test Soundbites Hearing Health Supplement

FDA approval of patented micronutrient formula triggers clinical trials and beta testing

By PSW Staff September 4, 2012

Hearing Health Science, a privately-funded Ann Arbor, MI company developing the Soundbites hearing health supplement, has announced that it will be conducting field studies with musicians to measure and confirm the effectiveness of this patented, FDA-approved micronutrient in mint form.

Developed by University of Michigan scientists, Soundbites is a new, biological approach to hearing conservation – a formulation of four powerful antioxidant micronutrients, formulated to act in different compartments of inner ear cells to eliminate oxidative stress (the most prevalent cause of hearing loss) and improve inner ear blood flow.

Hearing Health Science, the exclusive worldwide licensee of Soundbites technology, is assessing the real world efficacy of Soundbites in conserving hearing and reducing the risk of hearing impairment in invitation-only, epidemiological beta studies with music professionals, audio engineers, working musicians and avid music fans.

The Soundbites beta is a second level, external pilot test under normal, everyday conditions. User participation will provide detailed feedback on real world performance prior to the product’s commercial launch.

“Preventable hearing loss is a large and growing global problem. Hearing protection devices are impractical or insufficient for many. Soundbites is a potential major breakthrough – a safe and effective micronutrient therapeutic, complementary to hearing protection and amplification devices,” says Barry Seifer, CEO of Hearing Health Science.

“The Soundbites clinical studies and beta tests represent important milestones after more than 25 years of research. Soundbites is starting its transition from the lab and the clinic to the general market.”

The Soundbites beta with professional musicians and audio engineers will be supervised by Michael Santucci, AuD, noted audiologist and inventor of the Sensaphonics in-ear monitors used by many top performing artists, many of whom are expected to be high-profile participants in the Soundbites beta.

“Musicians, audio engineers and sound professionals have the keenest sense of hearing and a high risk of hearing loss, making for an ideal beta test group,” notes Santucci. “Soundbites is one of the most exciting developments I’ve seen in my entire career in audiology. This product represents an entirely new approach to hearing health, and the preliminary research results are very promising.

“Soundbites could be a valuable added tool to be used by musicians in conjunction with on stage hearing protection. I am delighted to be working with Hearing Health Science to bring this new technology to the music industry.” 

The Soundbites beta study will track hearing over the course of three months’ use of the supplement. Volunteers are currently being qualified to participate in the study. Pro musicians and sound engineers are invited to apply for consideration.

Santucci will manage testing and documentation from his Musicians Hearing Clinic at Sensaphonics in Chicago.

“We are very excited to be reaching the point of human trials of Soundbites. I’m especially pleased that the study will focus on musicians and sound engineers, who need their hearing in order to work professionally, yet are working in a volume-intensive occupation,” adds Santucci, lead audiology advisor to Hearing Health Science. “We’re looking for working musicians and sound engineers, both touring artists and local working pros, to be part of the study.

“The biggest requirement is that you be working during the 90 days of the study this fall, and agree to some basic testing and reporting along the way.”

Musicians and sound engineers who are interested in participating in this free, three-month trial should go to the Soundbites website and apply for inclusion in the study. Go to: and click on “About the Soundbites beta.”



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