MSI Production Services Lines Comic-Con 2013 Panels With AKG Microphones

Clarity of the mics and audio signal were a top priority at star-studded event

By PSW Staff August 11, 2013

An AKG D5 microphone in place for a panel at the recent Comic-Con 2013

The recent Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego hosted more than 100,000 visitors as well as dozens of celebrity guests discussing their latest movie roles and ideas surrounding the comic universe.

During numerous panels, stars such as Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Jada Pinkett Smith, Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford addressed questions from the audience through AKG D5 microphones.

Provided by San Diego-based MSI Production Services, the D5 microphones were deployed by audio designer Rob Wisley and Eric Stahlhammer. Harman Professional’s Ken Freeman, senior manager, Business Development, Installed Sound, was onsite to assist with the deployment.

“The D5’s performed very well, especially for this application, where a smooth, wide frequency response was needed in addition to a well-balanced low end for the speakers,” Wisley says.

Comic-Con panels range from talks and how-to video game tutorials to histories of characters and story lines, as well as Q & A sessions. With such a large following and demand for seats in the auditoriums, the clarity of the microphones and audio signal were a top priority among the event organizers.

“We understand the importance of the Comic-Con convention, where the support of the fans and other participants help make this international event such a success, so it was important to support the convention speakers with reliable and high quality sound,” continues Wisley. “The D5’s performed as expected and allowed each fan to take in valuable information without missing a word.”

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