MSI Japan First To Invest In New d&b audiotechnik D80 Power Amplifiers

MSI immediately deployed D80s at a very specific live show environment

By PSW Staff April 11, 2014

d&b audiotechnik J-INFRA subwoofers driven at the Tokyo Dome by MSI's new d&b D80 power amplifiers

MSI Japan is the first sound company to invest in new d&b audiotechnik D80 4-channel power amplifiers offering sophisticated control capabilities and the power to efficiently drive d&b loudspeakers, along with comprehensive management and protection functionalities dedicated to mobile or installation applications.

“Here at MSI we have had a strong investment in d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker systems for some time,” states Shuzo Fujii, CEO of MSI Japan. “We had been eagerly awaiting the new D80 amplifier,  having attended initial trials at the d&b headquarters in Germany. So we ordered the first 20 amplifiers to arrive in Japan and set them immediately to work.”

MSI immediately deployed D80s at a very specific live show environment, “It was the Tokyo Dome,” MSI chief systems technician Yuki Natori explains. “The D80 is designed to drive all the different d&b loudspeaker Series. An unbelievably efficient amplifier, the level of improvements it brings is dependent on the loudspeaker type; for us the massive +4 dB it promised for the J-INFRA was of particular interest.

“It just so happened that we had a client event over Christmas where the program material looked for more lift at the ultra low end of the listening spectrum.”

Fumi Sasa, engineer for the event, adds, “The D80 was simple to implement into my system design for the show. My system technician already had the J-INFRA’s delay arc plotted in ArrayCalc and easily transferred this to the D80s via the R1 remote. I didn’t need the full potential of the D80, +2 dB was more than enough for my purposes.

“What was great was that the increase in power required no additional EQ, the tone was as pure and smooth as that I had experienced previously with J-INFRAs. With the right musical material these loudspeakers make a subtle but significant contribution to the audience’s listening pleasure; that extra power ensured that no seat in the hall failed to enjoy that subtle lift.”

Find out more about the D80 here.

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