MediaCorp TV Theatre Takes Delivery Of Aviom A360 Personal Mixing System

Personal mixing system bolsters theatre's ability to support programs, especially those featuring live band performances

By PSW Staff April 7, 2014

The new Aviom A360 personal mixing system at MediaCorp TV Theatre in Singapore

MediaCorp TV Theatre in Singapore has taken delivery of a new Aviom A360 personal mixing system from Coda Group, the regional distributor for Aviom.

The system includes eight A360 personal mixers, one AN-16/i-M Mic input module, one AN-16/o v.4 output module, and a D800 A-Net distributor that distributes both power and audio to the personal mixers. This sale also marks the first batch of D800 A-Net distributors delivered in Singapore.

MediaCorp TV Theatre is a choice venue in the region for various programs for recording and live broadcast. Programs such as award shows, multi-cultural variety shows, charity shows and many festive events fill the theatre’s production calendar. The Aviom personal mixing system bolsters the theatre’s ability to support these programs, especially for those featuring live band performances.

The Aviom A360 Personal Mixer offers a newly designed DSP that allows individual channel tone control, reverb, and stereo panning, among many other functions. The A360 also allows customization of channel button assignment from a pool of up to 64 input channels over Aviom’s proprietary Pro16e network, something that the theatre’s staff and management found to be a beneficial feature for future expansion.

Another deciding factor is the Network Mix Back function, which is available via the D800. Network Mix Back sends a digital copy of the stereo mix output from each A360 Personal Mixer to an AN-16/o v.4 Output Module for simplified connections to a wireless IEM transmitter system. With Network Mix Back, musicians and vocalists can have wireless freedom via their preferred wireless IEM systems but with simplified cabling to their A360 personal mixers.

“We have regular requests from both local and overseas musical program directors for a personal mixing solution for their house bands, and we understand that Aviom is a solution that is most often asked for,” comments Peter Tan, MediaCorp principal audio engineer. “With the right tools, we can be relevant to the ever-advancing production requirements as well as have equipment that can be easily supplemented through Aviom’s rental networks in Singapore.”

Coda Group sales manager Isaac Eng adds, “Since the introduction of the first generation A-16 Personal Mixer some 10 years ago, Aviom has cemented its position as the industry’s standard for live performance personal mixing. The simplicity of the mixer layout and easy system setup are essential features for end-users, production equipment rental companies, as well as systems integrators. The Aviom A360 personal mixer comes with new functions that are consolidated from years of listening to working musicians and audio engineers to provide the best tool for on-stage personal mixing.”

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