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Lombardi S.L.R. Becomes Adamson Systems Energia Partner In Italy

First show with the new Adamson E15 line arrays was Umbria Jazz in Perugia

By PSW Staff August 29, 2012

Emilio Lombardi getting familiar with the E15 in Termoli at Lombardi S.R.L. Professional Sound HQ.

Lombardi S.R.L., a full-service hire company based in Termoli, Italy, is the most recent Adamson Systems Energia E15 partner.

Founded in 2005 by Pasquale Lombardi, who also serves as head sound engineer, the company employs 45 people and works with some of the biggest names in Italian touring, including Gigi D’Alessio and Anna Tatangelo, in addition to providing sound production for events such as Umbria Jazz & Notte Della Taranta.

Lombardi S.R.L. already has a sizeable Adamson inventory, including Y18, Y10, T21 Sub, SpekTrix Series, Metrix Series, M15 & M215 monitors.

Their first show with the new Adamson E15 line arrays was Umbria Jazz in Perugia. The system was provided for Reference Laboratory, which has been in charge of the festival’s sound for the past 25 years.

Angelo Tordini of Reference Laboratory encouraged Lombardi S.L.R. to join Project Energia and to take advantage of this opportunity. “The closing show of the festival featured a highly acclaimed show by Sting,” Tordini says. “We received great reviews about the sound from the festival organizers, as well as the local and visiting engineers.”

Pasquale Lombardi adds, “For many years, Lombardi has had a trustworthy relationship with utmost professional respect towards Reference Laboratory. Originally, when Tordini suggested to test the Adamson Y-Axis, I took a chance and just fell in love with it. Now, years later I decided to join the Energia network because I consider it an investment in a very innovative, and the future’s market-leading, product.”

The Lombardi S.L.R. E15s are currently on the Gigi D’Alessio World Tour supporting his new album “Chiaro.”

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