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JBL Commercial Introduces High-Value, High-Performance Amplifiers & Mixers

CSA amplifiers incorporate Harman’s proprietary DriveCore amplifier IC, mixers provide channel, master volume and independent bass and treble controls

By PSW Staff February 5, 2014

New JBL Commercial CSM-14 (top) and CSM-28 mixers; a larger version of this image is below

JBL Commercial has introduced six Commercial Series Amplifiers (CSA) and two Commercial Series Mixers (CSM) that combine value and performance.

“Our new JBL Commercial CSA and CSM amplifiers and mixers fulfill the need for small, affordable, easy to use sound reinforcement components in places like restaurants, coffee shops, fitness facilities, bars and other spaces where an elaborate A/V installation isn’t required,” states Craig Lambrecht, business segment manager, Amplifier Business Unit. “They’re designed and engineered to deliver plenty of power and flexibility along with exceptional sound and reliability.”

The CSA amplifiers incorporate Harman’s proprietary DriveCore amplifier IC, which combines what would be hundreds of conventional parts into a single chip smaller than a dime. DriveCore offers significantly reduced power consumption, size and weight while delivering quality sound.

All CSA amps are 1RU high and a half-rack wide. Models can operate into 8 ohm and 4 ohm loads and can be used with 70-volt and 100-volt distributed audio systems without the need for a separate transformer.

A single amp channel (or 1 channel amplifier) can easily drive multiple speakers without the need for complex wiring and the amplifiers’ distributed audio capability simplifies adding volume controls to single- or multiple- speaker zones.

All offer a universal power supply for international use and accept an Ethernet control cable for use with the JBL CSR-V wall-mount volume control.

CSM mixers are designed for background music, paging, security and other applications. Like the CSA amplifiers, the CSM models are simple to set up and use, with a minimum of front panel controls and illuminated rings around the knobs for easy visibility.

All mixers provide channel, master volume and independent bass and treble controls. The rear panel offers RCA inputs and Euro-block-type mic/line input and output connectors. They also provide feature priority muting, VOX ducking and mic phantom power and can be used with JBL’s CSR-V wall controller.

Models include:

·    CSA2120Z amplifier, 2 channels, 120-watt power output per channel
·    CSA280Z amplifier, 2 channels, 80-watt power output per channel
·    CSA240Z amplifier, 2 channels, 40-watt power output per channel
·    CSA1120Z amplifier, 1 channel, 120-watt power output
·    CSA180Z amplifier, 1 channel, 80-watt power output
·    CSA140Z amplifier, 1 channel, 40-watt power output
·    CSM-28 mixer, 8 inputs, 2 outputs
·    CSM-14 mixer, 4 inputs, 1 output



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