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India’s AV Express Adds QSC Audio WideLine-10 Line Arrays To Inventory

New line arrays and GP218-sw subwoofers driven by QSC PL380 and PL325 power amplifiers

By PSW Staff June 22, 2014

An AV Express technician deploying one of the new QSC WideLine-10 arrays at a recent event

AV Express, an audio-visual equipment hire company based in Chennai, India, recently added QSC Audio WideLine-10 line arrays to its system inventory, including 16 three-way WL2102-w modules joined by six GP218-sw subwoofers, all driven by QSC PL380 and PL325 power amplifiers.

AV Express handles audio, video and lighting for applications ranging from live bands and DJ sets to corporate shows in the Chennai region. “When we were looking for a new system to upgrade our existing audio inventory, we would not compromise,” states Mr. Murugesh, a principal partner at AV Express. “We had a lot to choose from, but only the QSC WideLine system matched our parameters of quality and performance. Plus, QSC’s representative, Pro Visual Audio, walked us through the entire operation and workflow of the system during our demo, and gave us a clear idea of the advantages of the WideLine system over all of the other competitors in its class.”

Following the purchase, AV Express immediately put the new system to the test with two major live events at the Karunya University in Coimbatore and the Jawarharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai. Pro Visual Audio application & business development manager Deepak Gracias was present with the AV Express team on site for both events to guide them through the process of aligning the complete system and tutor the team in using EASE Focus to create customized system design with respect to each venue.

The new WideLine-10 system was then deployed for the annual celebration to commemorate the foundation of Nokia’s manufacturing plant in Chennai. “The WideLine’s 140-degree coverage makes it absolutely fantastic for shows where the audience is spread across a wide horizon,” notes Murugesh. “We’ve used the system quite a few times now, and not once did we ever encounter the problem of ‘dead zones’ or low throw/low impact areas. And the matching pair of subs provides that solid thump and punch which crowds absolutely love.

“We found our WideLine-10 to be every bit as good on the field as it claims to be on paper,” he concludes, “and the team at Pro Visual Audio, especially their South Area sales manager Harry Martin, have been extremely supportive at every step.”

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