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Huntsville, AL Church Relies On Muzeek World For Dual Yamaha CL5 Consoles

New consoles joined by two Rio3224-D input/output boxes, one located on the stage and the other at front of house

By PSW Staff June 11, 2014

One of the new Yamaha CL5 consoles in place at front of house at First Seventh Day Adventist Church in Huntsville, AL

First Seventh Day Adventist Church in Huntsville, AL worked with Muzeek World of San Juan Capistrano, CA on implementing dual Yamaha Commercial Audio CL5 digital audio consoles in its new 1,200-plus seat sanctuary.

The two Yamaha CL5 consoles were installed along with two Rio3224-D input/output boxes, one located on the stage and the other at front of house. “The purchase of the dual CL consoles was based upon the fact that the church previously owned a Yamaha console in their former sanctuary and had a wonderful experience using it,” states Muzeek World’s John Sardari.

“There are several new features in the CL5 which helped us decide this was exactly what we needed for the new sanctuary,” adds Julian Ray of First Seventh Day Adventist, who designed and installed the new system. “For starters, the expandability of the number of channels we can use. We enabled the board with 64 channels initially, and if necessary, we can expand in the future to its maximum.

“Second, the ability to have the sound engineer control the monitor mix on stage with the musicians, and while doing a sound check using an iPad, he/she can fine-tune and make changes on the monitors and have an accurate overview of the monitor mix,” Ray continues. “This eliminates the potential discrepancies between what the vocalists’ need and what they get in the monitors. We use floor monitors for the vocalists while the entire band is on in-ear system.”

Ray notes that another reason for the selection of the CL5s was based on the framework of the church’s previous Yamaha console. “We used an M7CL for about six years and had the team already trained on the same software, so the learning curve moving to CL5 was a breeze,” he says. “Other than the initial network programming and a few changes in the setup, we had the entire team up to date very quickly.”

The contemporary worship services at First Seventh Day average five to nine musicians at any given time. There is also a seven-member praise team and several choirs ranging between 30 and 100 members.

While the CL5 at FOH is in the center of the sanctuary on the balcony level, the second CL5 is in a room used to mix sound for recordings and video streaming over the Internet, also utilizing Yamaha CL Nuendo Live software.

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