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Hosa Technology Debuts USB-200FB Series High-Speed USB Cables With Pivoting Connector

Design facilitates space-saving right angle connections

By PSW Staff November 12, 2012

New Hosa Technology USB-200FB Series high speed USB cables

Hosa Technology has announced the introduction of the USB-200FB Series high speed USB cables with pivoting A connector designed to conserve valuable space in tight surroundings.

Available in 3-, 6-, and 10-foot lengths (USB-203FB, USB-206FB, and USB-210FB), the new USB-200FB USB cables feature a pivoting Type A connector—the end that typically connects to a computer—that can be set to either straight or right angle positions.

This enables one to use the cable in its straight orientation when space permits and in a right angle position in cramped quarters.

In its right angle position, the computer would typically be placed on an elevated laptop stand (so the cable can hang off the side) or at the edge of the work surface.

For DJ production rigs commonly consists of a laptop computer, mixer, turntables, and a digital controller, the new USB-200FB USB cables can be a valuable means of making connections in an environment where space is frequently limited.

To ensure interoperability with a wide range of USB peripherals, the new Hosa USB-200FB USB cables are fully compliant with the USB 2.0 serial bus interface standard and are backward compatible with the USB 1.1 standard. They also support burst data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps.

As a result, the new cables are a good option for connecting an audio interface, USB microphone or instrument, or most computer peripherals to a PC.

“The new Hosa USB-200FB USB cables provide DJ’s, musicians, and others with a valuable means of making equipment connections in the cramped spaces they frequently find themselves working in,” says Jose Gonzalez, Hosa Technology product manager. “At Hosa, we’ve been providing the cables musicians and audio pros require for over two decades, and these new USB products address a common challenge we’ve all encountered at one time or another.

“All three cable lengths feature our unique connector pivot design, exhibit superior workmanship throughout, and carry pricing that is comparable to most common USB cables lacking these features. I’m certain these new USB cables will be well received by our industry.”

The new Hosa Technology USB-200FB USB Series cables are expected to become available in January 2013.

MSRP pricing:

• USB-203FB: $8.95
• USB-206FB: $10.95
• USB-210FB: $11.95

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