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Grund Audio Introduces GT ‘01’ Series Loudspeakers

Feature horns that are strictly wave devices, with no throat-loading that can induce distortion

By PSW Staff November 14, 2012

Two models in the new Grund Audio GT '01' Series

Grund Audio Design has announced the availability of the GT ‘01’ Series loudspeakers designed for fixed installations as well as for corporate presentations, meetings and other special events.

Members of the product line—the GT-601, GT-801, GT-1601, GT-1001, GT-1201, GT-1202, and GT-5301—all utilize 2-way designs with a horn (with the exception of the GT-5301, a which is 3-way).

Flat frequency response, low distortion, and wide dynamic range are attributes central to the new GT ‘01’ Series. Enclosures are manufactured from 13-ply birch, available in black or white finishes as well as natural wood that can be stained to preference.

All models utilize a horn that is also made from 13-ply birch and carved out of the baffle board. All utilize a 90-degree circular horn pattern.

Of particular note, the horn is strictly a wave device. There is no throat loading, which can induce distortion.

Another distinguishing characteristic of the new GT ‘01’ Series is their ability to deliver a consistent sound, regardless of the enclosure size. For example, a contractor may elect to deploy GT-601 enclosures (with 6-inch LF transducer and 1-inch HF compression driver) in one area of a theater while placing GT-1201 enclosures (with12-inch LF transducer and 1-inch HF compression driver) elsewhere in order to achieve greater SPL capability, the overall sonic quality of the sound remains consistent.

All models incorporate powder-coated, perforated steel grilles to protect the transducers and, for connectors, provide either NL4 Speakon or 5-way binders.

The various loudspeakers are outfitted as follows:

• GT-601: 6-inch LF transducer / 1-inch HF compression driver
• GT-801: 8-inch LF transducer / 1-inch HF compression driver
• GT-1601: Dual 8-inch LF transducers / 1-inch HF compression driver
• GT-1001: 10-inch LF transducer / 1-inch HF compression driver
• GT-1201: 12-inch LF transducer / 1-inch HF compression driver
• GT-1202: 12-inch LF transducer / 2-inch HF compression driver
• GT-5301: 15-inch LF transducer / 6-inch midrange cone / 1-inch HF compression       driver

Mounting and installing these loudspeakers is accomplished via Grund Audio hardware. All models can be outfitted with U-brackets, a swivel wall mount, or 3/8”-16 threaded mounting points.

Frank Grund, president of Grund Audio Design, states, “The GT ‘01’ Series are a terrific choice for fixed installations and are equally well-suited to portable sound system applications such as corporate presentations and meetings. These systems deliver broad dispersion and, since all models share a common horn design, they are a great choice for music reproduction, as the horn doesn’t induce any coloration typical of horn-loaded enclosures. The ability to mix various size enclosures without negatively impacting the consistency of the sound is also a significant benefit.”

All Grund Audio Design GT ‘01’ Series loudspeakers are currently available.

MSRP pricing:

GT-601:  $179
GT-801:  $349
GT-1601:  $619
GT-1001:  $469
GT-1201:  $699
GT-1202:  $1,049
GT-5301:  $889

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