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Front-of-House Engineer Rick Camp Utilizing Aviom A360s For Master Mix Live Program

Helps students explore various methods of monitor mixing

By PSW Staff July 11, 2014

Aviom A360 personal mixers in use at Rick Camp's Mix Master Live program

Front-of-house engineer Rick Camp has been busy on tour this year with Jennifer Lopez, but when he’s not on the road, he’s busy teaching others the art of live engineering in his Master Mix Live program in Las Vegas. Included in the mix of gear that Camp is using in his Las Vegas studio and teaching space are new Aviom A360 personal mixers.

Camp’s program is unique—it’s small on purpose, accepting only eight students at a time so they get the opportunity to have hundreds of hours of hands-on console time throughout the five-month course. And each student has the opportunity to work personally with Camp, who has experience mixing many famous artists, including Earth, Wind & Fire, Madonna, Toni Braxton, Tracy Chapman, Usher, and many more.

Camp’s decision to integrate an Aviom personal mixers into the Master Mix Live space was two-fold. One of the courses included in the Master Mix Live program focuses on monitor mixing. In this course, students explore various methods of monitor mixing—everything from using wedges to in-ear monitors and personal mixers. Camp also uses the A360s in his recording studio to provide artists’ individual headphone mixes.

“I think that students find it easier to let musicians dial in their own monitor mixes, bur for me in the studio, the personal mixers are invaluable when trying to please performers who want their headphone mix changed every eight bars for one reason or another to accommodate the passage they are playing or singing,” explains Camp.

Camp’s studio includes eight A360 personal mixers, an AN-16/i v.2 input module, and an A-16D Pro A-Net distributor. According to Camp. “The A360 is hands down the best sounding and most flexible personal mixer I’ve seen or used to date.”

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