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France-Based APG Debuts New MX0 Compact Coaxial Installation Loudspeaker

Offers the same performance as the popular DX5 in a format specifically designed for the installation market

By PSW Staff January 20, 2014

The new MX0 installation loudspeaker from APG, also available in white

French manufacturer APG has expanded its range of micro-format 5-inch coaxial loudspeakers with the addition of the dedicated MX0 installation loudspeaker.

Following in the footsteps of the DX5 loudspeaker that has found favor with a number of rental companies as both a stage monitor and main loudspeaker, the new MX0 offers the same performance as the popular DX5 in a format specifically designed for the installation market.

The MX0 can be stand-mounted or wall- or ceiling-mounted using the optional ETMX0 bracket, or simply placed on a suitable surface. It comes with Phoenix connectors as standard and is also available in 70/100-volt line version.

It’s reduced form factor and wide dispersion characteristics (100 degrees above 10 kHz) enables extended coverage with a minimal amount of loudspeakers.

Applications include vocal reinforcement such as conferencing, as well as for background music and in-fill applications (delay, front fill, side fill, surround sound/effects etc). Combined with subwoofers, it provides a powerful yet discreet system for private venues such as hotels, restaurant or home cinemas, or public places including museums, retail outlets, multimedia venues and so on.

Like the DX5, the new MX0 is available as standard in either black or white.



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