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FaitalPRO Debuting 4FE30 Cone Loudspeaker Driver At 2011 Winter NAMM

Primary applications include line arrays with drivers mounted in multiples of two, as well as column enclosures

By PSW Staff January 12, 2011

The new FaitalPRO 4FE30 cone driver

The new FaitalPRO 4FE30, debuting at the 2011 Winter NAMM show (booth 6894), is a cone loudspeaker driver assigned to the full-range category. Like all other loudspeakers of the company’s Fe Series, it is intended to reproduce the greatest part of the audio range possible.

Measurements have demonstrated that the new 4FE30 easily reproduces the range between 110 Hz and 20,000 Hz and is recognizable for a rather “flat” linear response without “gaps.” The nominal power specification is 30 watts.

One of its primary applications is for line arrays with drivers mounted in multiples of two, as well as in column enclosures, and even in hi-fi and home theater applications.

The 4FE30 has the same motor as the company’s 3FE20, but in a larger size and packing greater power. Other loudspeakers in the FE Series are 5, 6, 8 and 10 inches, and are all characterized by ferrite magnets.

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