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Eastern High School Gymnasium Goes Multipurpose With Community Loudspeakers

Semi-distributed design enables room and system to be used for two events simultaneously

By PSW Staff July 10, 2013

A look at the gym at Eastern High School with new Community Professional loudspeakers in place

Eastern High School in Voorhees, NJ is a regional district school with 2,100 students, and it includes a competition-sized gymnasium for multiple indoor sports and other events.

A sound system replacement project in the gym, to upgrade an unreliable system also lacking versatility, has been performed by JD Sound and Video using Community Professional R-Series model R.5 loudspeakers, in a semi-distributed layout, supplemented with Community iBOX model i215LVS subwoofers.

Because school officials were unfamiliar with this style of system, JD Sound and Video arranged an on-site demonstration, and they were pleased with the results, which covered the gymnasium well and provided great musical sound quality and excellent voice intelligibility. 

In addition, the semi-distributed design allows the gym to be subdivided to host two events simultaneously.J D Sound and Video provided a simple user interface that allows the system to be easily sub-divided and controlled from several locations.

The system includes Crown Audio power amplifiers to drive the loudspeakers, as well as Rane mixing and DSP and Shure wireless microphone systems.

“The school is very happy with the system and we were able to complete it in time for their high school graduation ceremonies,” states Joe DiSabatino of JD Sound and Video.

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