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dbx Professional Debuts AFS2 (“AFS Squared”) Advanced Feedback Suppression Processor

One-button Wizard function that automates key setup parameters and walks the user through the configuration process

By PSW Staff June 22, 2014

The new dbx Professional AFS2 ("AFS squared") Advanced Feedback Suppression processor; larger front and back panel views are below

Harman’s dbx Professional has introduced the AFS2 (“AFS squared”) Advanced Feedback Suppression processor, designed to eliminate feedback from a PA system and offering a host of upgraded features, including a Wizard auto-setup function, a re-designed feedback suppression module, and a large LCD display.

Successor to the AFS224, the AFS2 is simple to use due to the one-button Wizard function that automates key setup parameters and walks the user through the configuration process. In addition to the LCD display, 24 LED meters per channel are supplied for setup and monitoring. The AFS2 can be added to a system in minutes due to its straightforward rear-panel connectivity and optimized front panel.

The AFS2’s new DSP module advances dbx proprietary Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS). It provides for faster and more focused filter sets in both fixed and live mode.

While 10- and 12-filter feedback-elimination processors are commonplace, the dedicated processor in the AFS2 provides up to 24 programmable filters per channel with filter Qs up to 1/80 of an octave. This level of precision enables the AFS2 to zero in on the exact frequencies needed to attenuate feedback. The AFS2 offers application-specific filter types including speech and music low, medium and high.

The AFS2 offers selectable live and fxxed (installed sound) filter modes, selectable filter lift times, live filter lift and more, all of which are available via the intuitive front panel user interface. The AFS2 can be used in either stereo or dual independent channel mode. It includes XLR and TRS inputs and outputs and a USB jack to enable firmware updates when they become available.

“Getting rid of feedback can be one of the most difficult and insidious things to deal with when setting up a PA system, especially for bands and performers who have to carry their own PA and may be musicians first and sound engineers second,” says Jason Kunz, market manager, portable PA and recording & broadcast at Harman Signal Processing. “The AFS2 is simple to use, yet powerful and flexible enough for elaborate large-scale live sound systems and fixed installations.”

The dbx AFS2 Advanced Feedback Suppression Processor will be available in July 2014 at a suggested retail price of $499.



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