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dB Technologies Launches New Composer 4.0 Design Software For DVA Line Arrays

Provides ability for manual or auto management for array shape, angles and EQs, and much more

By PSW Staff January 10, 2014

A screenshot of new DVA Composer 4.0 from dB Technologies

dB Technologies has introduced DVA Composer 4.0, the latest version of its software program for configuring and aiming DVA Series active line arrays and subwoofers.

The software is designed for intuitive handling, determining the optimum angles and system presets based on the array height, desired range and number of DVA components entered by the user. It also provides all of the mechanical data, frame angle positions and flybar settings, and determines the proper DSP EQ presets.

In the initial composer section, the user is able to insert facility measurements to effectively determine coverage. Settings include flybar position and height of system, stage dimensions, trussing framework, gap width of left-right arrays, as well as coverage start and end positions, and whether audience is standing or seated.

It also allows the user to modify the angle of the ground, and add up to three balconies. From that data input, the user can then view a graph and see the actual prediction of the system including coverage with SPL readings in both graph and prediction views, with the ability to review SPL measurements at different frequencies and distances.

The user is also provided the ability to choose among three different shape modes – J shape, curved array, and hybrid – may be selected to further adapt the system to suit the given venue.

DVA Composer 4.0 also computes subwoofer configurations and determines the directivity of low frequencies based on the type of setup and number of units. The subwoofer simulation provides the user to choose between six available ground stacked configurations – left-right, center, left-center-right, line, cardioid and endfire.

Each configuration also allows the choice of subwoofer dispositions (i.e., vertical or horizontal) and provides the ability to arrange the subs differently for left/right channel and center channel. The subwoofer data determines crossover frequency, delay, phase, position of the subs front line and the gap between subs as necessary.

What’s new in DVA Composer 4.0:

·      Supports all current DVA modules – DVA-T4, T8 and T12

·      Supports entire offering of both flyable and ground stack DVA subwoofer modules

·      Provides ability to get three-dimensional SPL readings

·      Provides ability for manual or auto management for array shape, angles and EQs

·      Added ground stacked arrays simulation

·      Enhanced Delay Calculation for phase alignment

DVA Composer 4.0 software can be downloaded free of charge here.

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