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d&b audiotechnik Unveils Flexible New Y-Series Loudspeaker Range

Can handle point source duties, with two line source loudspeakers and a matched cardioid subwoofer designed for line array tasks

By PSW Staff September 2, 2014

New d&b Y-Series loudspeakers in a flown line array configuration. Two other configurations are shown below.

The new Y-Series of loudspeakers from d&b audiotechnik provides a flexible, configurable option for small to medium applications.

Y7P and Y10P loudspeakers handle point source duties, with the B6-SUB providing extended frequency response. In addition, two line source loudspeakers and a matched cardioid subwoofer—Y8, Y12 and Y-SUB—are designed for line array tasks.

The Y7P and Y10P loudspeakers share the same dipolar 8-inch driver arrangement centered on a 1.4-inch compression driver fitted to a rotatable CD horn, facilitating deployment horizontally or vertically. Dispersion characteristics of 75 x 40 degrees and 110 x 40 degrees (h x v), respectively, present several deployment options, individually as a full range system or in combination with other elements from the Y-Series, either ground stacked or flown.

A port design within both models extends LF performance down to 59 Hz. The B6-SUB incorporates an 18-inch driver built into a bass-reflex design, extending frequency response down to 37 Hz.

Meanwhile, the Y8 and Y12 utilize the same rigging design as their bigger brothers from the J- and V-Series, and they also share the same 80- and 120-degree horizontal dispersion characteristics. They can be suspended in columns of up to 24 loudspeakers, with splay angles from 0 to 14 degrees with a 1-degree resolution.

Dual 8-inch drivers with neodymium magnets mounted in a dipolar arrangement around a 1.4-inch compression driver enables the Y8 and Y12 to offer a horizontal dispersion pattern that’s controlled down to 500 Hz.

The Y-SUB houses a forward facing 18-inch woofer and a 12-inch woofer radiating towards the rear, producing a cardioid dispersion pattern. Driven by a single amplifier channel, the Y-SUB can be ground stacked or flown at the top of a Y8/Y12 array.

Y-Series models assimilate into a workflow comprising the ArrayCalc simulation software, the R1 Remote control software and d&b amplifiers. The process is designed to foster consistent and efficient results. Numerous line and point source loudspeakers can be combined within ArrayCalc, providing a graphical representation detailing the coverage, level drop and safety aspects of a system setup in a given space.

The R1 export function transfers all configurations and settings into an R1 Remote control project file, taking into account any system specific functions. The R1 workplace presents the format for operating systems via the Remote network through CAN-Bus to access D6 and D12 amplifiers, as well as the D80, which can also be controlled through Ethernet using OCA protocols.

Y-Series loudspeakers are available in both portable/mobile and installation (Yi-Series) versions, differing only in cabinet construction and mounting hardware. Special color and weather resistant options, along with transport options and accessories, are available. 

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