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D.A.S. Audio Is The Choice For Live Performances At Stage 48 In NYC

Aero Series 2, Artec, and Road Series deployment

By PSW Staff June 3, 2013

Carlos Duran and Stage 48 owner Pedro Zamora on the main stage; below is another view of the venue and portions of the system.

Located in Hell’s Kitchen, Stage 48 is a four-floor, multi-use venue that hosts concerts, a wide range of nightlife activities, and private/corporate events.

Originally built in the 1950’s as a horse stable, the venue has been completely remodeled utilizing the beauty of the old industrial architecture while incorporating modern design cues that create an ambience that is unique compared to any other NYC venue.

With a wide range of musical artists including Canada’s Coeur De Pirate and hip-hop artists Mobb Deep to DJ Q-Tip and more, Stage 48 is at the forefront of live musical entertainment in New York, with a top-notch sound reinforcement system headed by Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio loudspeakers.

Mahwah, NJ-based Duran Audio, which has touring and equipment rental operations in addition to being a design/build firm for the AV installation market, served as the integration firm for Stage 48’s new sound system. Carlos Duran, owner of Duran Audio, discussed the project and his reasons for deploying a combination of D.A.S. Audio Aero Series 2, Road, and Artec loudspeaker systems.

“In addition to the main floor, Stage 48 has a large horseshoe balcony that overlooks the main floor and provides excellent site-lines of the 34-foot wide stage plus a third floor area,” explains Carlos Duran, owner of Duran Audio. “There are numerous VIP seating areas throughout the facility and there’s also a rooftop patio area.

“All of these areas needed first-rate sound coverage, so we found ourselves searching for a combination of concert level loudspeaker systems for the main stage, speakers that could provide high quality fill throughout the venue, as well as loudspeakers suitable for outdoor applications. Given the requirements of the project, D.A.S. Audio was the perfect equipment supplier because of its diverse line of products.”

The D.A.S. equipment specified by Duran is extensive and includes 10 Aero 50 3-way, large format line array systems, eight LX-218CA and four LX-215A powered subwoofers, 20 Aero 12A powered, compact line array enclosures, six Artec 26 2-way passive loudspeakers, and six Road 12A powered stage monitors.

Five Lab Gruppen PLM 10000Q amplifiers drive the Artec loudspeakers while a Yamaha M7CL digital console handles mixing chores—augmented by a Lake LM 26 loudspeaker processor.

The main stage is outfitted with the Aero 50 loudspeakers—five elements each to the left and right sides. The LX-218 subwoofers provide low frequency support at the stage and are further supported by two LX-215A enclosures as on-stage side fills. The Road 12A monitors reside on stage and are deployed as required by the currently performing act.

The task of providing sound coverage throughout other areas of the venue is handled by the Aero 12A compact line array enclosures. These loudspeakers are positioned further back along the main floor—two enclosures per side for down fill/delay.

The Aero 12A’s also provide delay coverage for the upstairs dance floor along with the third floor lounge area. The remaining two LX-215A subwoofers provide low end support to the upstairs lounge. Rounding out this large-scale system are six of the weather resistant, white fiberglass, all-weather version Artec 26 loudspeakers, which cover the rooftop patio area.

“First and foremost is D.A.S. Audio’s excellent sound quality,” Duran states. “Music is a key element at Stage 48, so audio quality was critical. Further, with six areas to cover throughout the venue, the self-powered design of the main loudspeaker systems made the installation considerably easier and more streamlined.

“Equally important, I knew I’d have questions—given the complexity of this installation, so customer support was another important consideration. As usual, D.A.S. had my back from start to finish.”


D.A.S. Audio
Stage 48


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