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Crown Audio Retires D Series Power Amplifiers After 37 Years Of Distinguished Service

A legendary line comes to the end of the line

By PSW Staff February 12, 2013

The original Crown Audio DC-300

Crown Audio has announced that after 37 years of continuous production, the company is discontinuing its D Series power amplifiers.

The Crown D Series became ubiquitous worldwide for its outstanding sound and reliability. It evolved from modest beginnings.

“In 1977 we developed the D Series from the Crown SA20-20, a one-rack-space 20 watt per channel solid-state stereo power amp that was an accessory to the Crown tape recorders of the time,” says Gerald Stanley, director of research, Harman Professional Amplifier Business Unit.

“However,” he continues, “when mounted in a rack the tape recorders and their electronics left little room for accessories, which shaped the compact form factor of the D Series and the rack-mount-ability of Crown amplifiers ever after.”

After 37 years these amps are everywhere, in the studio, on stage, in broadcast facilities, in fixed installations and even in homes. Odds are almost everyone has heard one.

Models like the moderate-power D-75A and D-45 were ideal for applications like recording and broadcast studio near-field monitoring and small paging systems, and with more than 25 years of continual production, the DC-300 has attained legendary status.

“Little did the 1977 engineering development team know that the new D75 would turn out to be the longest running product of the company. During its lifetime over 100,000 were produced.  Generations of dedicated assembly personnel have touched the D75 and contributed to its long life. It epitomizes the focus we have to do our best and satisfy our customers,” state Tom Szerencse, Manufacturing Engineer, Harman Professional Amplifier Business Unit.

“If any amplifier line should receive a lifetime achievement award, it’s the D Series, Stanley concludes. “The Crown D Series has outlived most amplifier companies, let alone most amplifier families.”

Here’s the data sheet for the DC-300 (pdf): CrownAudioDC_300DataSheet.pdf

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