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Community Professional Debuts New VERIS 2 Loudspeakers

And expanded, evolved collection of 11 new models

By PSW Staff September 11, 2012

The new VERIS 2 Series of loudspeakers from Community Professional

Community Professional Loudspeakers has announced the second generation of the VERIS (VERsatile Installation Systems) Series, a new range of 2-way, 3-way, and subwoofer designs created for installed sound reinforcement.

VERIS 2 is an expanded, evolved collection of 11 new VERIS models, from small-format enclosures for distributed systems, fill and delay applications to mid-sized systems designed for superior performance.

VERIS 2 includes some significant enhancements, such as newly designed 1-inch exit HF drivers, as well as a newly re-engineered grille design.

All models offer improved crossovers, with individually voiced crossovers on 64- and 96-degree models.

In addition, Community has added a new subwoofer to the line, the V2-215S dual 15-inch model.

Four compact models include single and dual 6-inch and 8-inch enclosures designed for surface mount or distributed systems. All smaller VERIS models come standard with a fully rotatable square horn.

Larger VERIS 2 systems include 2-way and 3-way models with 12-inch or 15-inch woofers. Larger models are available in multiple coverage patterns for short, mid, and long-throw applications.

Rounding out the new VERIS 2 line are three versatile subwoofer systems, ranging from the compact V2-210S dual 10-inch to the V2-212S dual 12-inch and powerful V2-215S dual 15-inch subwoofer for larger venues.

All VERIS 2 models are available in black or white finishes, and are equipped with threaded mounting points, making them compatible with the full range of accessory brackets available for the original VERIS series. Also available for VERIS 2 is the new Vertical Yoke Bracket that enables precise vertical aiming of all full-range VERIS 2 loudspeakers.

“We introduced the original VERIS Series in 2007, and it has been one of our most well-received and successful lines,” states Julia Lee, Community director of sales and marketing. “VERIS 2 continues the VERIS legacy of versatility, performance, and elegant design.”

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