Clear-Com Announces Worldwide Shipment Of HelixNet Partyline Intercom System

Networked systems showcased capabilities at 31 sports venues during 2012 London Summer Games

By PSW Staff September 10, 2012

The new Clear-Com HelixNet Partyline HMS-4X main station and an HBP-2X beltpack (larger image below)

Clear-Com has announced that the new HelixNet Partyline networked intercom system is now shipping worldwide.

HelixNet successfully showcasing its capabilities at 31 sports venues during the 2012 London Summer Games, with 50 main stations and 550 beltpacks across the venues, the live production teams were able to take advantage of the systems’ efficiency, cost-savings and flexibility from setup to operation and maintenance.

Under the initial release of HelixNet Partyline, users can purchase the HMS-4X main station, HBP-2X beltpacks, an HLI-2W2 2-wire interface module, and the HLI-4W2 4-wire interface module. T

Also, because the central administration of the entire system can be performed from the main station with a single cable, including firmware upgrades and maintenance, HelixNet can work off an existing cable infrastructure.

This ability to be run over cabling that is already in place enables easy deployment and expansion as needed, which made HelixNet a highly qualified solution for the Summer Games. Many of the venues where the game events were held already had an established cable infrastructure, so integrating the HelixNet with these setups was simple.

“HelixNet offers such users as the London Games the simplicity of running cable anywhere without worrying about each cable type or where it will run,” says Dan Muchmore, regional sales manager, UK, Ireland and Scandinavia, for Clear-Com. “Essentially, they only have to run one long cable, along which all of the channels can be run. It doesn’t matter how or where the cable is run—users will have access to every channel.

“At the beltpack end, users can choose what channel they want or need to run. Another advantage of HelixNet is that it can operate over inexpensive cabling, such as CAT-5, keeping the cost of deployment low. The ease of setup and reduced costs made possible by the system were a few of the main reasons HelixNet was selected as the intercom system of choice for nearly all of the venues at the games.”

Clear-Com was contracted for the games’ overlay functions, requiring it to provide communications for three separate groups. These included announcers and commentators along with the on-venue results (OVR) people—who were the primary HelixNet users—and the production people who manage the stadiums and events. As the HMS-4X HelixNet Main Station and interface modules feature a high channel density and user capacity, it was able to provide access to many people and areas at once.

The 1RU main station fits into any standard 19-inch rack, and can provide power and four channels of audio to support up to 20 digital beltpacks.

The all-digital HelixNet system is immune to electro-magnetic interference and ground loops, so there is never any hum or buzz. The main station settings and menus are quickly accessible, highly flexible and offer intuitive user operations.

The system’s firmware maintenance and upgrades can also be achieved easily via USB ports, and it offers greater connectivity with existing analog intercom systems and audio devices.

The HBP-2X beltpack offers high channel density and selectable channels to save resources. The rugged, ergonomically designed unit is a 2-channel beltpack that can access two of any four system channels, connect program audio and provide individual level control over just one single cable, while distributing networked audio over a twisted pair. These features decrease the required number of cables.

The beltpacks are also simple to operate and read, with optimally positioned buttons and volume knobs that are easy to locate, identify and control. Channel labels are simple to read on the high-contrast 10-character OLED displays. The flexibility of the units allow them to be set up in daisy chain or star configurations, with no need for active split boxes.

The HelixNet beltpacks are highly durable, fabricated from lightweight cast aluminum, and come with a beltclip, rubber bumpons and an integrated strap guide, offering a variety of practical mounting options.

The new HelixNet intercom system is on display at the ongoing PLASA 2012 show in London at stand I-F29.


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