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China’s Wuhu Shimao Riviera Garden Theatre Outfitted With Renkus-Heinz

Left, right, and center clusters of three PNX151T loudspeakers covering medium and long throw, with STX7 cabinets handling left and right house coverage

By PSW Staff June 2, 2014

A look from the stage to the audience area of the Riviera Garden Theatre, where coverage is supplied by Renkus-Heinz PNX and STX Series loudspeakers

Covering nearly seven miles along the Southeast bank of the Yangtze River, the Wuhu Shimao Riviera Garden (in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, China) is a new landmark, and it includes the new Riverside Cultural Square Cultural Arts Center highlighted by the Riviera Garden Theatre, a 1,200-seat auditorium that includes a main floor and balcony, as well as 64 luxury seats in the balcony VIP area and a convertible orchestra pit.

Created by the Zhejiang Institute of Architectural Design, the multi-purpose venue boasts a wide and varied range of performances and programs, from opera and theater to spoken word and cinema. The sound system design for the venue needed to encompass both exquisite performance and versatility, with consulting firm Institute of Acoustics of Tongii University, working with the Shanghai branch of contractors Beijing Sebang Huayi Stage Technology, formulating a system headed by Renkus-Heinz PNX and STX Series loudspeakers.

The main system is comprised of left, right, and center clusters of three PNX151T loudspeakers covering medium and long throw, with STX7 cabinets handling left and right house coverage. Low-frequency reinforcement is provided by a pair of DRS18-2B direct radiating subwoofers.

Onstage monitoring is courtesy of four TRX121T two-way complex conic systems. A Yamaha M7CL 48-channel digital console is installed at frotn of house. The system is powered by QSC amplification, with a pair of Biamp processors handling system processing. 

CAH/Tico of Hong Kong and Beijing provided the equipment for the project. As CAH’s JY Hui explains, the project presented a few challenges. “The theater’s design did not create the most perfect acoustical environment,” says Hui. “Fortunately, we were able to work with the consultants to create EASE predictions and determine the optimal system design well in advance. We also encountered some logistical problems, because the architects did not reserve enough space to install the speakers. Of course, this added to the challenge.”

Since the theater’s opening, Hui reports that the system has received high praise from staff and audience alike. “The client has exceptionally high standards, which makes us even more pleased with the results of the system,” he says. “We felt confident that the Renkus-Heinz technology was a great fit for this application, and we are proud to say it has met and even exceeded our expectations.”



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