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Bose Professional Announces New Accessory Cards For ControlSpace & PowerMatch Components

Both input and output cards expand functionality of both platforms

By PSW Staff June 17, 2014

New ControlSpace and PowerMatch ESP-00 II Cards from Bose Professional

Bose Professional continues to expand the functionality of its ControlSpace and PowerMatch digital audio processing and amplifier systems with several new input and output accessory cards. 

The new ControlSpace cards, each for the ESP-00 II engineered sound processor, include the ControlSpace 4-Ch Mic/Line Input Card II; ControlSpace 4-Ch Line Output Card II and ControlSpace General Purpose I/O (GPIO) Card II. The cards expand the interconnection options available for the Bose ESP-00 II, making the processor suitable for a wider range of installation applications.

The ESP-00 II processor provides eight available I/O expansion slots that accommodate any combination of analog and digital cards, and supports up to a total of 64 bi-directional channels. 

The ControlSpace Mic/Line Input Card II offers >117 dB dynamic range, improved distortion and crosstalk performance, with adjustable gain up to +64 dB to accommodate both microphone and line level analog sources. The ControlSpace Line Output Card II offers >115 dB dynamic range and is capable of +24 dBu analog output.
The ControlSpace GPIO II 8×8 expansion card provides enhanced general purpose analog and digital connectivity for easier integration with output devices such as LEDs and relays. Additionally, the GPIO II card will replace the standard GPIO card that ships with the ESP-00 II processor. Up to two GPIO II cards may be fitted. These new cards will be available starting September 2014.

For PowerMatch configurable power amplifiers, Bose Pro is introducing the PowerMatch AES3 8-Channel Input Card in response to customer requests for a direct connection from digital audio mixing consoles. PowerMatch amplifiers continue to show versatility, and the introduction of the AES3 card expands that even further; the new card represents the fourth option card available for the PowerMatch amplifier line, joining Dante, CobraNet and ESPLink audio networking options already available.

The PowerMatch AES3 card offers “thru” connectors for fail-safe daisy-chaining to multiple PowerMatch amplifiers, and will be available October 2014.
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