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Behringer X32 Digital Console Pulling Double-Duty On Capital Cities Tour

Console and companion S16 digital snake handling both house and monitors

By PSW Staff April 3, 2014

Front of house engineer Jason Stiegler giving a pep talk to the Behringer X32 console he's using on the current Capital Cities tour

A Behringer X32 digital console and S16 digital snake are pulling double-duty on the current tour by indie pop band Capital Cities in support of the multi-platinum single “Safe and Sound.”

Production manager and FOH engineer Jason Stiegler made the call on taking the X32 and S16 combo on the road: “It was just a no-brainer. You’re looking at a desk that is the most efficient product you could possibly get, in addition to the fact that it’s the most reasonably priced.”

He adds, “It’s a powerful machine that has tons of control at a price point where almost any band can get their hands on it, with everything needed all on board. We don’t use any external anything; everything we use is all internal – every reverb, every effect.”

The Capital Cities sound team also takes advantage of the X32’s remote control capability. “We’re able to tour without a monitor engineer, because all of my guys use their iPhones to control their own monitor mixes,” he explains. “We save time and money from not having to have another man on tour with us, and everybody gets the perfect mix.”

“We’re excited that Capital Cities has put their trust in our X32 digital console and S16 digital snake for this major tour,” states Music Group product manager Jan Duwe. “Music Group is proud to provide the equipment that turns artists dreams into reality, and wish Capital Cities the greatest success as they climb the ladder to stardom.”

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