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Auralex Introduces ProFusor II Fabric Wrapped Sound Diffusor

Keeps sound waves from grouping without removing acoustic energy in a critical listening environment

By PSW Staff October 12, 2012

An Auralex ProFusor II fabric wrapped diffusor (2X2) with cutaway to show construction

Auralex Acoustics has introduced the new ProFusor II fabric wrapped sound diffusor, designed to address flutter echo without removing acoustic energy in the room or greatly changing the frequency content of the sound.

Implementing ProFusor II diffusors can help can make a small space seem large and a large space seem even larger while also allow users to enhance the accuracy of critical listening environments and create a larger “sweet spot.”

Ideal for use in residential theaters, listening rooms, concert halls, recording studios, houses of worship and various other residential and commercial applications, the engineered quadratic residue diffusor is available in two sizes (ProFusor22 is 2’x2’x3” and ProFusor24 is 2’x4’x3”) and five fabric color options (Ebony, Pumice, Mesa, Sand and Shadow).

ProFusor II is manufactured from Class A fire rated materials, and its 3-inch depth and decorative fabric allow it to fit well into many attractive custom designs for applications with aesthetic requirements.

Auralex Acoustics


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