Amerisports Bar Live Entertainment Relies On AKG Wireless IEM & Microphones

With multiple sets of AKG IVM4500 IEMs and its room simulation program, performing artists have become more comfortable in the large room

By PSW Staff November 5, 2013

A view of Ameristar Casino’s Amerisports Bar, where AKG IEM systems and microphones were recently implemented

With live entertainment every weekend ranging from legendary classic rock to top 40 covers by local bands, Ameristar Casino’s Amerisports Bar located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, recently added AKG IVM4500 IEM in-ear-monitors to improve sound for every act in the uniquely shaped room.

With the multiple sets of AKG IVM4500 IEMs and its room simulation program, FOH engineer Dan Allen notes that performing artists have become more comfortable in the large room, which is octagonally shaped at the stage and dance floor end. The remaining area of the room – approximately 150 feet long – is rectangular and contains an island bar about 100 feet back.

The room’s technical staff had struggled with acoustical issues for years before an audio overhaul led by numerous Harman Professional components and a sound-dampening renovation.

With the internal processing selections of IVM4500 including eight compression, eight EQ and eight room simulations settings, moving onstage acts to the AKG in-ear monitoring system has yielded positive results.

“AKG thought of everything when it developed the IVM4500s,” state Allen. “The in-ears are easy to set up and have very low signal latency. Even artists who have no previous experience with in-ear monitors are easily adjusting to them, allowing for their best performances every week.”

Within the casino, wireless communication signals are very dense, as security and other departments utilize numerous free frequency channels. Allen’s AKG WMS470 wireless mic systems are always clear and have never dropped signal during a performance.

The audio reinforcement system also includes an AKG Rhythm Pack with a D112 kick drum mic, C430 condensers for overheads and D40s for toms. A Soundcraft Si Expression 3 digital console and JBL STX800 series loudspeakers powered by Crown XTI amplifiers round out the concert sound system.

“I’ve really grown fond of the Soundcraft Expression,” Allen says. “The user levels, recall and scene setups work well and can be easily used by our IT personnel if I’m not there. It’s easy to train those engineers on the Expression who are used to analog boards. And, the JBL speakers are very honest, leaving the entire system quite transparent, especially in the atypical-shaped room. I have been a JBL fan for life and every time I see that orange sticker, I know we’ll have great sound.”

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