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Allen & Heath Conducting Digital Certification Tour In Asia

Expect to have trained approximately 1,500 engineers in Asia by next year

By PSW Staff October 10, 2013

Allen & Heath digital training in Jakarta

Allen & Heath has launched a training and certification program for digital consoles in Asia, with the company’s distribution agent for the region, Global Market Management, putting in place an ongoing training certification tour for the GLD and iLive digital systems. 

The tour began at PT Kairos in Jakarta, Indonesia, with a 3-day training event attended by a total of 68 engineers, followed by two days in Thailand training 48 attendees, and then two days in Shenzhen, China for a total of 102 engineers, followed by Bangkok, Thailand for 53 people, and finally, Shanghai and Shenzhen again focusing on GLD training for a total of 108 people.

“The engineering team at Allen & Heath has done a fabulous job of designing easy to drive digital mixing products,” states Bardy Hays, MD for Global Market Management. “In fact, stories abound of guest engineers stepping up to a console and being ready to run their show after no more than 10 minutes of orientation.

“However there is a lot of horsepower that training can help release to all operators and engineers to make life easier and the resulting mix better,” Hays continues. “We launched our certification programs to assist our distributors with this task, and to bring a level of regional consistency to our training efforts across all of our digital platforms – iLive/T, GLD and even the amazing new Qu series.”

The Allen & Heath certification program has been targeted to help users and engineers getting started with the digital platforms and for them to experience, hands-on, the ease and intuitiveness of working with an Allen & Heath digital mixer.

The training contains theory portions and a lot of practical lessons on the individual mixer systems and the program currently consists of three courses: GLD Certificate, iLive Basic and iLive Advanced. At the end of each course the participants are awarded with an official training certificate by Allen & Heath.

“About 375 people have been trained so far and we are in the middle of further training,” explains Allen & Heath sales engineer Alex Schloesser, who managed the tour. “The tour will continue across the key Chinese cities – Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Beijing – and then we plan to visit the Philippines and other countries. We expect to have trained approximately 1,500 engineers in Asia by next year, raising the awareness and knowledge about Allen & Heath’s core digital products.”

The training program in Asia follows similarly successful programs in North America and Europe. 

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