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Adamson SpekTrix Arrays, Subwoofers Highlight New System At South Korea’s New Haneulyeon Theatre

Left-center-right configuration with arrays flown, plus additional subwoofers and delay boxes

By PSW Staff October 18, 2012

The beautiful new Haneulyeon Theatre with Adamson SpekTrix flown left-center-right

Dureraum, a newly constructed architectural wonder in Centum City of the Haeundae District in South Korea, is a three-building facility highlighted by the Haneulyeon Theatre (“Open Sky Theatre”), an 841-seat multipurpose performing arts hall with a main sound reinforcement system headed by Adamson Systems SpekTrix line arrays.

The system design and installation was handled by Kang-dong Media of Busan, with support provided by Adamson Korean distributor Sound Solution and Sohn Gun Ho, director Kang-dong Media. In addition, Adamson applications engineer Ewan McDonald was onsite to head up the system tuning process. Byung Tae Kim serves as the theatre’s full-time front of house engineer.

Specifically, the main system offers a left-center-right configuration, with left and right flown arrays each comprised of nine SpekTrix 3-way enclosures hung below four SpekTrix double 18-inch subwoofers, with three SpekTrix W 15-degree boxes under hung.

The location of these arrays was changed from the original design to about a meter wider on each side due to an issue caused by reflection of the bass from the acoustic treatment used in the interior ceiling. The slight adjustment in positioning of the main hangs resolved the problem in the initial design.

The center cluster, meanwhile, incorporates seven SpekTrix modules, with two more SpekTrix W under hung.  Four Adamson SX subs are also located on the ground, and can be moved for optimal placement for the needs of each performance.

A dozen Adamson Point 8 loudspeakers on digital delay provide fill to the theatre’s balconies, while four Adamson M15 monitors are available for use on the stage.

The loudspeakers are driven by Lab.gruppen power amplifiers, including models FP10000Q, FP6000Q, and FP4000. Digital processing is supplied by XTA DP Series processors. The house mixing console in the theater is a DiGiCo SD7.

“The team at Sound Solution did a very professional job with this installation in what is a world class facility,” McGregor states. “After some time was spent commissioning, we ended up with a very nice sounding system, with no more than +/-0.5 dB variation (A weighted SPL) throughout the floor and the mid balcony, which was a testament to the great work the design team at Sound Solution does.”

Dureraum, also known as the Busan Film Center, hosts the renowned Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF), and isalso used as the venue for both opening and closing ceremonies. The facility was designed by Coop Himmelblau of Austria and Heerim Architects & Planners of Korea, both whom were selected in an open competition.

Dureraum is composed of three separate spaces—Cinema Mountain (home of the Haneulyeon Theatre), PIFF Hill and Double Cone. The building varies from four to nine stories high with a combined total floor space of 54,335 square meters. The essence of Dureraum’s beauty is its super-sized roof known simply as the “Big Roof”—the longest roof of its kind in the world, about one and a half times the size of a soccer field (163m × 61m or 535 ft x 200 ft).

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