Sound Reinforcement

In Profile: Depths & Heights

By Kevin Young March 8, 2017

During James Stoffo’s career as an RF technician/frequency coordinator he’s worked a considerable list of some of the biggest events on the planet, including multiple… Read More

Perspective: Compare & Contrast

By Andy Coules March 8, 2017

The realm of the audio engineer is a broad area encompassing recording, radio, theatre, film, sports, television, live music and public speaking, and while all… Read More

Road Stories #5

By Ike Zimbel March 7, 2017

At 6 o’clock one fine Saturday morning in 1994, my bedside phone rang. It was the crew booker for the sound company I was managing… Read More

Mix Notes: Sending The Message

By Jonah Altrove March 7, 2017

In “Charting The Mix” (LSI March 2016), we saw how a song’s production incorporates various sounds to control the song’s momentum and differentiate its… Read More