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WorxAudio Technologies Upgrades TrueAim System Optimization Software
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WorxAudio Technologies has signed an agreement with AFMG Technologies for use of its new FIRmaker software in WorxAudio’s TrueAim system optimization process.

Specifically, WorxAudio’s TrueAim combines the company’s integrated DSP solution with AFMG’s leading FIRmaker technology, and in doing so, offers improved spectral consistency and coverage of WorxAudio line array performance in any venue or performance environment. Customers are able to model a room and export FIR filter parameters straight to the company’s DSP controlled amplifiers.

WorxAudio has long been a supporter of Berlin-based AFMG and was among the first in the professional audio community to license both EASE Focus 1 Acoustic Modeling software for optimizing line array systems in the vertical plane before moving forward with EASE Focus 2 3D Acoustic Modeling software that facilitates both vertical and horizontal coverage pattern optimization.

This relationship began with an on-going, long-term relationship with Pat Brown of ETC, a subsidiary of Synergetic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon), who would test WorxAudio’s products and make high-resolution polar data that is certified by AFMG. This information is then turned into a GLL format and interfaced with EASE Focus 2 software to generate a detailed model of a space to provide an optimized room analysis of the given venue.

AFMG’s FIRmaker algorithm generates custom FIR filters to optimize the loudspeaker system coverage. By incorporating this technology, the upgraded TrueAim software implements the FIR filters to the DSP while improving spectral consistency—resulting in smooth, even coverage throughout the venue.

Additionally, WorxAudio’s TrueAim software uses AFMG’s SysTune real-time live sound measurement technology to confirm its findings and ensure the optimization process is performed accurately. 

Hugh Sarvis, WorxAudio CEO and director of engineering, notes, “Our goal with the TrueAim software is to integrate beam steering toward all of our line array systems, For years, we have designed loudspeaker systems with precisely integrated transducers, DSP, digital amplification, and controlled networking capabilities among their many system attributes. These systems are installed in leading venues throughout the country.

“Our goal is to bring state-of-the-art beam steering to our existing systems that are currently installed, thus enabling the updating of these loudspeakers for smoother response and, of course, to future loudspeaker systems currently under development.”

Stefan Feistel, AFMG managing director, adds, “WorxAudio is a premium example of a long-lasting, very positive business relationship for AFMG. Hugh Sarvis was among the first to invest in our EASE Focus 1 platform and he quickly upgraded to EASE Focus 2 when the new 3D capabilities became available.

“Now, just half a year after the release of our FIRmaker Technology, WorxAudio is the first FIRmaker licensee to actually deliver two very impressive installs employing this revolutionary technology. Congratulations!”

TrueAim system optimization software with integrated FIRmaker technology from AFMG is expected to be available immediately.

WorxAudio Technologies
AFMG Technologies

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